Happy Birthday

Um yeah. So this is the last birthday that I will be celebrating as I feel that this is as close to 30 as I need to be. So next year I will again be celebrating #27 and then again the year after. And the year after that (which will be a very black Friday) I will once again turn 27. I am boycotting getting older. That is all there is to it! Ok so we had a nice Thanksgiving. Nice quiet lazy day with family. Nothing major happened, besides mass amounts of eating. Seriously we ate around 1 I think and I was full the rest of the day. I did have some pecan pie around 4 or so, but that was my dinner. I did not black friday shop. I did have to pick up a few things at walmart, and a pair of tennis shoes, but I waited until early afternoon to avoid the crowds. Worked like a charm. Enough about that boring stuff though.

Knitting: I am almost done with the first (or rather 3rd) sleeve for Jim’s sweater. Like I knitted all day yesterday and I have 12 rows left. Plus 2 inches. Gar. I am beginning to believe that there is some sort of weird worm hole with this sleeve that keeps setting me back 2 inches. I will try to finish it this week. Then I still have the other one to knit. Plus I am wanting to work on that blankie for my special little boy. Sleeve has to come first though. I want this sweater done before Christmas. I have a whole bunch of things that have ended up in my Rav queue that I want to knit. Specifically the Give a Hoot mittens. I am IN LOVE! I think I am going see what gauge my gray handspun is and see if it works for these mittens.

Spinning Tragedy has struck the Humphrey household. My. Wheel. Broke. I wanted to have all this fun stuff to say about the 1 lbs Merino/Bamboo that I bought that came in the mail on Friday, but I spun about a yard of it and my wheel broke. I almost cried. Seriously I had set aside Saturday for spinning. I wasn’t going to do anything but spin. This was like a little birthday gift to myself, just me and my wheel and lotsa fluff. But no. See this is what I am saying about having crappy birthdays. Stuff like this always happens! LOL! Oh and before the accident happened I did do a little experiment playing with a tiny bit of leftover kiwi fiber and a bit of the alpaca that I have spun up. I wish I had plied the entire amount of Kiwi with the alpaca. I am so in love with the way the colors came together. I don’t have pictures right now but I will soon. I do however have a picture of the Kiwi yarn plied with itself. That will do for now. I will post more as I get more uploaded. I am not very organized today, sorry. I had no clue I was going to blog. I suppose as soon as I am done with the knitting I need to be working on, I will get my drop spindle out. I need to practice on it anyway, right? Right!

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