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Exciting things in the works

I have been on autopilot for the last few weeks. I guess I’ve been in a funk. I can’t really explain it, but I am determined to get out of it. What remedies feeling funky? A shower! I’m sorry bad joke. Fiber is the correct answer. I rescued my wheel from the storage unit today. At nap time I promptly set everything up on the back patio and some sweet darling little boy immediately started crying and was done with nap time. Mommy isn’t happy about this. Oh well there is always tomorrow, even though I can’t enjoy the pretty weather because its going to rain. Since hubby had to go to bed early tonight and that means I have no place to spin without having a light on in a room while someone is sleeping, I decided to do some more design work instead. Small lamp and no noise is all I need so no one is disturbed. I worked on a rough sketch of a sweater I am designing and a shawl I am designing. Mostly I am brainstorming right now. I am trying to figure out exactly what it is that I want to see in this set of designs. So far I am happy.




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