The gauge didn’t lie

I rarely do a gauge swatch. I understand the importance of them but I am usually right on gauge so I don’t waste time with a swatch. I wanted to knit a particular pair of socks, however I only have the next size up of needle so I decided to spend some quality time with a gauge swatch. The thing about gauge swatches is, you can’t fudge them very well so when you know that you are a stitch larger, you have to listen to the swatch or it doesn’t do you a bit of good. I speak from very recent experience. I knew it was off but I thought maybe it wasn’t that far off so I could get by with it. Guess who is going to be frogging her sock that is made for a giant. Luckily I was only a couple of inches into it so there isn’t a lot of progress lost.

I want to talk for just a moment about the pattern that I was knitting before I realized my mistake. I chose the My Cup of Tea Socks for this project because I really liked the crocus pattern on the front. I did a twisted german cast on, which is one of my favorites because it is sturdy but has a lot of stretch to it and leaves a nice edge. The ribbing is different. I have mixed feelings about it. It isn’t a K1 P1 or K2 P2 or anything like that but a weird combination of the two. I think that it is that way so that the patterning on the front wouldn’t look strange. Sometimes when you have ribbing followed by patterning directly underneath, it can make things look a little out of shape. Either way, it made the ribbing slightly more difficult because I actually had to look at my knitting. I only made it through the ribbing and one full pattern repeat before I accepted the fact that this sock was going to be huge, but the pattern isn’t horribly difficult. The back of the sock is in St st and the front has a pattern which is basically 12 stitches forward and then backward. Since I didn’t get to the heel, I don’t know for sure, but it looked a little strange. I probably would have substituted the heel for like an afterthought heel or something. I will likely knit this pattern again at a later time with either a lighter yarn or the correct size needles.


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