Life changes

Things have been kind of crazy for me lately. Unfortunately that means that I haven’t been making much time for knitting. I have done a little cross stitching here and there, but mostly I have been keeping busy with other things.

First, I was a crazy person and decided that in my first semester back to school, I was going to take 5 classes. Not my smartest move ever. All but one of my classes is online so I can work on them as I have time throughout the day, which lately has been been less often than I had anticipated, but more on that later. I have my little guy in mother’s day out twice a week, which has been helpful, but 5 classes is still 5 classes.

My dear husband’s work decided that the very first week that I had school that they wanted him to go down and train in Hot Springs for the week, which meant that I had all the responsibilities of being in school and more or less taking care of the kiddo by myself, minus Wednesday evening when my mom watches him while I am in class. So basically it turned out that this wasn’t a training deal, but more of a job interview. He came home on Friday and they told him that he needed to be back down there the following Tuesday (the day after Labor Day) to be the new sales manager for that branch. Yay! On one hand we are very excited for this move and for the promotion, but on the other hand, living in two places and having to juggle full time school and having a kid isn’t easy. If I had known that this was going to be happening this soon, I would have taken less of a load, but I know I can do it.

Like I said, we are very excited for the move. We got a townhouse in the village that is huge and I think will fit us so well. I am ready to be down there and settled. Have I mentioned that I am going to school full time, have a kid, and am alone in packing and everything? I am sorry to complain, but I am having a rough day and am so ready to be with my husband more than just on the weekends.

Today is a really hard day for me. Back in March, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He has been going through chemo since then and it has definitely taken its toll on him. A few weeks ago, he was hospitalized because they thought he had pneumonia, but it turns out he had internal bleeding. They gave him a blood transfusion, which wasn’t his first one, and won’t be his last either. They finally did an EGD last night and found that the internal bleeding is caused by a lesion in his stomach that they can not fix and is only getting worse. Hubby and I went and sat up in ICU with him for a while today. I wish more than anything that I didn’t have be home for school and I could sit with my daddy all night long. I wish I could make this better or easier for him or something but there isn’t anything that I can do. The hospital is too far away for me to be able to spend much time up there, because I can’t leave my kiddo all the time.

While at the hospital today, I got a lot of cross stitching done, though. I don’t have any knitting that I felt like working on. I just finished a Tardis and am now working on a Dumbledore by weelittlestitches for my stepson for Christmas. The Tardis is for me.

So it may be a while before I have any more knitting to post, sadly. I am itching to do some knits for Halloween, but at this point, it is not a priority.


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