Happy New Year!

Our long New Year weekend turned out to be full of surprises! The first surprise was that our new to us piano fit in the back of the Jeep with the back seats folded down. The second was that pianos are much lighter than I had imagined. Don’t get me wrong, this sucker isn’t light, but I was able to pick up one end by myself when we were finally positioning it. We ended up moving almost every last piece of furniture in our living room and bedroom so that we could make a new home for this piano. It was a ton of work but we got it done.

While moving things, we discovered the need to pick up a few small items at Lowe’s and I decided it was finally time to take the plunge and make myself a PVC niddy noddy. I went on Pinterest and used this website for a pattern. I have never cut PVC before so that was an experience. We have a tube cutter and it worked nicely. I do not have very strong hands, so it took a while but I got all the pieces cut and put together. It didn’t help much that I was sitting in the floor cutting so the dogs felt that they needed to be loved on, but I got it done! My next project will be a yarn swift. I will likely make a matching PVC swift but I would love to make a wooden one. That would require purchasing tools to make it so I feel like making a PVC one first may be a good idea. After that I will probably be purchasing a ball winder.

I used my new niddy noddy to split a hank of yarn in two so I can do a pair of socks for Dustin two at a time. It worked nicely. I will cast them on tonight probably. 

New Year. New piano. New house arrangement. New yarn accessories. Not a bad start for 2018. Let’s keep the new coming! 

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