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Working Spinning Wheel!

At some point in the last two years, my monster¬†sweet darling, adorable, tiny, innocent little boy decided to take my wheel for a spin. He stood on it and bent the rod that holds the treadles in place. I have always had issues with the rod walking its way out of place but after my son decided to ride on it, it has been near impossible to use. I decided then that I needed to just wait until I could come up with a good fix for it or buy a new wheel entirely. Yesterday we made a family trip to Lowe’s. My hubby needed to pick up some pvc to make fishing rod holders for his kayak and I decided that we would search for the right thing to replace the rod. I should mention that I tried cotter pins, but they walked themselves out just about as fast as the rod did. I finally found the fix. I purchased a 3 foot length of threaded metal rod. Basically it is like a screw without a head on it. I just cut a foot off of it and it works perfect!

I realize that it has been a little over 6 months since I last posted. I have had a lot of things happen in that time. Quick update. My dad passed away December 16, which was just a few days after my last blog post. I miss him very much. Some day I am going to make a big long post of memories with him, happy thoughts, and all that, but I am not there yet.

We also decided to purchase a house here in Hot Springs Village! I love our house. We have a neighbor right next door and beyond that, we are surrounded by woods. We are really settling in the area. I am starting to meet more people and making new friends. I still miss all my NWA people, but I do love it here. We are talking about converting a good chunk of our garage into an art studio/wood shop plus we have an office as well. We have also added to our family. We knew someone who had a kitty that needed a home so we brought home Lily the day before we moved into our new house. A week later we found out she was pregnant. We are now outnumbered by animals. She had two babies, a boy that I named Sebastian and a girl I named Daphne. We are keeping both.

In all the craziness of things going on lately, I haven’t made much time for knitting or anything. I have finished a shawl, save for blocking. I also have a cat toy to bind off and stuff. I have completed an entire pair of socks plus another sock that I will be casting on the second sock very soon. Since this is a lot of updates, I am going take some time over the next week or so to go into more details on things. For now I will leave you with a picture of a pair of completed socks for my husband and a sock that I started for my son. I have not finished the kiddo socks yet.

Sock family
Sock family
move · WIP

You spin my wheel right round

Moving weekend! Woo hoo! My husband and I decided it was time for us to get our own place. There have been some issues with my father in law having Alzheimer’s and we just really need to have a place of our own. I am very excited about it because that means I get to have my own kitchen and we will have a lot more space. I am going to miss having most of the bills paid and having someone in the house all the time if I feel the need to talk to someone. Truth be told I do enjoy living here for the most part, but I am definitely ready to get into a place that we don’t have to worry about other people being there when we want time to ourselves.

Spinning & Dyeing: Well my work load has been really light this week. So light that I haven’t worked at all. I have had about 2 full days that I have had enough time to spin. I got about 5 oz spun up total. Not as much as I would have liked for having an entire week off, but I did have a ton of things I had to do besides spinning. I did however manage to get 4 oz of fiber dyed. Shades of green. Its pretty. I am thinking about adding just a tad more green to it. I wanted it to be a little darker than it came out. So once we get settled in our new place, I just might have to do a little green overdying. No promises though.

Knitting: I got my Wool of the Andes yarn in for the Meret that I am making for my mom, and the scarf I am designing to go with it. I haven’t started on it yet because I have wanted to spend as much time spinning so as I can. I plan on starting it tomorrow though, if we have time after we get everything moved over to the new apartment.

move · WIP

New location!

Well we got moved. Not to Florida like originally planned. After some things happened we ended up in Georgia with my inlaws. Things are going well here. My father in law is in the early stages of Alzheimers and there are days that are better than others, but for the most part all is well! I really like it here, but I don’t have all my stuff here yet. My husband moved here 3 weeks before I did leaving me to take care of all of the stuff at the house. We sold just about every thing and have about 5 boxes of stuff and my dog at my mom’s house still. I am hoping that maybe we will be able to go back next weekend and get the dog and my wheel. I haven’t been working so I should have plenty of time for knitting but most of my stuff is at my mom’s house. I did bring my shawl but left the pattern there accidentally. That was the ONLY yarn I brought with me. Since I was having to fly to Georgia, I had to really limit what I packed and that just didn’t include yarn. ūüė¶ But my bestest friend in the whole wide world was kind enough to send me my pattern and a dose of yarn! So I finally got my shawl finished! Yay! Ok I still haven’t blocked or woven in ends yet, but that will happen soon! I do start working on Monday which I am really kind of bummed about. Don’t get me wrong, we could use the extra money, but I really like being home. Oh well it was fun while it lasted. So I have not spun anything since well before we moved. My wheel is safely at my Mom’s as well. I wanted to sell it and buy me a new one, but that just didn’t happen. Oh. Besides all the hustle and bustle of moving, we have decided that it is time for me to go back to school. I will be starting in February (hopefully) and will be pursing a Bachelors in Nursing. So the job that I am taking is only a temporary position. My husband doesn’t want me to be working while I am going to school, which is good for me because I have so many things that I have to do and not enough time to do all of them in! I have some things that I want to knit. And a pair of slippers is one of them. Jim’s 90 year old grandfather wants me to knit him a cushion for his walker thing. It has a seat and he wants a cushion so when he sits down it will be comfy for him! LOL! I have many other things on the knitting front that I would like to knit. A shawl for my mom, my BFF, my MIL, and something for my little nephew (BFF’s son) and her baby on the way. Ok actually there are WAY more things than that, but those are the ones I am going to be focusing on. Oh and of course finishing my hubby’s sweater! LOL!