SUP boarding and knitting

I have a new goal in life. I want to go to Tahiti and find a nice spot with a good view and sit down on a sup board and knit. Until I can make it to Tahiti, I will take Lake Desoto since it is a mile from my house. I am itching to knit. Time has been so limited lately with this crazy move, being in school full time, and having my hubby so far away, that every last second has been devoted to either moving and all that entails, school work, or my kid. Now that we are moved, I need to check out the LYS. I also need to plan a home for my yarn. I haven’t decided yet where it will live. It is a hard decision since I have so much room!


Life changes

Things have been kind of crazy for me lately. Unfortunately that means that I haven’t been making much time for knitting. I have done a little cross stitching here and there, but mostly I have been keeping busy with other things.

First, I was a crazy person and decided that in my first semester back to school, I was going to take 5 classes. Not my smartest move ever. All but one of my classes is online so I can work on them as I have time throughout the day, which lately has been been less often than I had anticipated, but more on that later. I have my little guy in mother’s day out twice a week, which has been helpful, but 5 classes is still 5 classes.

My dear husband’s work decided that the very first week that I had school that they wanted him to go down and train in Hot Springs for the week, which meant that I had all the responsibilities of being in school and more or less taking care of the kiddo by myself, minus Wednesday evening when my mom watches him while I am in class. So basically it turned out that this wasn’t a training deal, but more of a job interview. He came home on Friday and they told him that he needed to be back down there the following Tuesday (the day after Labor Day) to be the new sales manager for that branch. Yay! On one hand we are very excited for this move and for the promotion, but on the other hand, living in two places and having to juggle full time school and having a kid isn’t easy. If I had known that this was going to be happening this soon, I would have taken less of a load, but I know I can do it.

Like I said, we are very excited for the move. We got a townhouse in the village that is huge and I think will fit us so well. I am ready to be down there and settled. Have I mentioned that I am going to school full time, have a kid, and am alone in packing and everything? I am sorry to complain, but I am having a rough day and am so ready to be with my husband more than just on the weekends.

Today is a really hard day for me. Back in March, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He has been going through chemo since then and it has definitely taken its toll on him. A few weeks ago, he was hospitalized because they thought he had pneumonia, but it turns out he had internal bleeding. They gave him a blood transfusion, which wasn’t his first one, and won’t be his last either. They finally did an EGD last night and found that the internal bleeding is caused by a lesion in his stomach that they can not fix and is only getting worse. Hubby and I went and sat up in ICU with him for a while today. I wish more than anything that I didn’t have be home for school and I could sit with my daddy all night long. I wish I could make this better or easier for him or something but there isn’t anything that I can do. The hospital is too far away for me to be able to spend much time up there, because I can’t leave my kiddo all the time.

While at the hospital today, I got a lot of cross stitching done, though. I don’t have any knitting that I felt like working on. I just finished a Tardis and am now working on a Dumbledore by weelittlestitches for my stepson for Christmas. The Tardis is for me.

So it may be a while before I have any more knitting to post, sadly. I am itching to do some knits for Halloween, but at this point, it is not a priority.

The gauge didn’t lie

I rarely do a gauge swatch. I understand the importance of them but I am usually right on gauge so I don’t waste time with a swatch. I wanted to knit a particular pair of socks, however I only have the next size up of needle so I decided to spend some quality time with a gauge swatch. The thing about gauge swatches is, you can’t fudge them very well so when you know that you are a stitch larger, you have to listen to the swatch or it doesn’t do you a bit of good. I speak from very recent experience. I knew it was off but I thought maybe it wasn’t that far off so I could get by with it. Guess who is going to be frogging her sock that is made for a giant. Luckily I was only a couple of inches into it so there isn’t a lot of progress lost.

I want to talk for just a moment about the pattern that I was knitting before I realized my mistake. I chose the My Cup of Tea Socks for this project because I really liked the crocus pattern on the front. I did a twisted german cast on, which is one of my favorites because it is sturdy but has a lot of stretch to it and leaves a nice edge. The ribbing is different. I have mixed feelings about it. It isn’t a K1 P1 or K2 P2 or anything like that but a weird combination of the two. I think that it is that way so that the patterning on the front wouldn’t look strange. Sometimes when you have ribbing followed by patterning directly underneath, it can make things look a little out of shape. Either way, it made the ribbing slightly more difficult because I actually had to look at my knitting. I only made it through the ribbing and one full pattern repeat before I accepted the fact that this sock was going to be huge, but the pattern isn’t horribly difficult. The back of the sock is in St st and the front has a pattern which is basically 12 stitches forward and then backward. Since I didn’t get to the heel, I don’t know for sure, but it looked a little strange. I probably would have substituted the heel for like an afterthought heel or something. I will likely knit this pattern again at a later time with either a lighter yarn or the correct size needles.

The time factor

Things have gotten interesting the last few weeks. I have started watching a little girl during the day while her mom works. She is almost 5 and is an awesome little girl. She’s energetic to say the least, but we have fun. I don’t trust her around my knitting yet. She loves doing art, but I am afraid that my knitting will end up being part of that so for now, it stays hidden. I’m going to let her play with some of my acrylic yarn soon, but I’m waiting until things are a little more settled. We’ve been trying to find balance in everything and, while we aren’t there yet, we are getting there. I’m pretty pooped by the time I get dinner done, basic chores and all that so knitting has not been progressing well. I have managed a few rows on my socks while sitting sideways in my chair and having the back between us! Lol! And I’ve finished another inch or so on the sweater for DH. I’m almost to the shaping! I’m going to go work on that now. I’m going to try to start getting up early in the mornings and get more time for me.

Operation Sock Drawer Begins

My sock drawer is a very sad sock drawer. I have three pairs of knitted socks and one of those belongs to my darling husband. I am ashamed of myself! Thanks the The Knitmore Girls and mentioning #operationsockdrawer in their podcast. These ladies are such wonderful enablers. If you haven’t given them a listen, check out their podcast. I suggest starting with Episode 247 because I believe that is their first mention of operation sock drawer (side note, I mistyped mention and it autocorrected to merino! Ha!). I love wearing hand knit socks. I used to have another pair that I received in a swap, but I don’t know where the other pair went to. I really want to take the 52 pair plunge. That would ensure that the whole family has plenty of socks to wear, but realistically I am more likely to complete 12 pairs in the next year. I have 3 pairs of socks worth of sock yarn in my stash so we will see how far I get. I see so many socks out there that I love and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on an Etsy shop or two, that I could pick up some pretty hand dyed and/or hand spun sock yarn. I have pictured my current sock stash and the socks I cast on yesterday.



A Slice of Knitting Heaven

20131019-222122.jpgWhat better way to spend a Friday evening, than a sleeping household, coffee, Netflix on my phone with earbuds in (sleeping household remember?) and finishing my Citron shawl? Not many better ways, that’s for sure and they all include my family and/or the addition of a glass of wine. I am a fairly monogamous knitter which makes binding off very bittersweet. On one hand, I have a beautiful, almost complete new addition to my wardrobe and on the other hand, I have no more knitting.
Do you remember The Fog sweater I knit for my husband a few years ago? No? Go back and and do a search on my blog for Fog. I finished it in Jan 2010. It is a lovely sweater. And thick. I’ve been threatening to frog it for months or longer. As soon as my sweet little guy goes to bed tomorrow, it will meet it’s fate. That means my no more knitting will be solved very soon.
In addition to knitting a new sweater, I have 3 socks worth of sock yarn to knit. After listening to Jasmine from the Knitmore Girls podcast talking about her sock drawer and seeing all the sock drawers posted on the Ravelry thread, I took a look at my own sock drawer. I have 2 pairs and Jim has 1. How is this possible? I am so jealous of all of everyone’s pretty hand knit socks. I need to purchase new needles for this because my smaller sets of needles met a terrible end. That’s the bad thing about wood needles. Two brand new pairs of wood needles snapped when the bag they were in got stepped on. I may have cried. I really would like to take the 52 pair plunge starting in January, but I don’t know if my yarn budget will allow me to purchase that much yarn. I may see what I can do. I have much to think about.

Hopping to the frog pond

I have not been knitting on my Nutkins and today I realized why. I’m not happy with them. The pattern is lovely, but I’m not happy with the yarn and this project. It needs something different and th needle size isn’t working for me. I have some other yarn that I think will work nicely, but this yarn is not going to be used for this pattern.
This means I’m back at square one with what to do with my lovely Spud & Chloë. I think I’m going to make a Citron out of it. Or I’m going to save it and get other colors and make a striped cardigan. Citron is sounding good though. In fact I think I’m going to swatch it now.