Ankle socks

Currently Dustin’s socks are ankle length. I am thinking that after I finish the current chart repeat I will do two more before starting the cuff, but I will try them on him again when I finish the next repeat.

I love knitting toe up socks because I don’t worry about running out of yarn. This is the first time that I have knit a pattern with more than a 4 row repeat. Even though I don’t have to worry if I am going to run out of yarn in the same way, I have to plan it out enough that I can start the cuff at the end of a chart repeat. Paired for Life is a 43 row chart repeat. I am really enjoying this pattern, but the next socks that I knit will be a plain vanilla pair of socks. While I don’t find cables to be particularly difficult, they are time consuming for me. Luckily I enjoy knitting so time consuming isn’t a problem per se but I also enjoy having a finished project and am itching to start my next project. I am hoping to finish them before Sunday.

The weather was perfect today. It was seventy something degrees and sunny. I wish I could have spent all day knitting. Darn work and having to pay bills. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job and I like having bills paid, but some days I just have other things I’d rather do. At least I will be going in to work a bit late tomorrow so that I can enjoy the assembly at my son’s school first thing in the morning.


Here a heel, there a heel

I wish I had thought to take a picture while the sock was on Dustin’s foot, but I failed to do so. I did not, however, fail to finish the second heel. He tried it on and it fits! I didn’t knit as much tonight because it is Valentine’s Day. I don’t like Valentine’s Day because I think it is silly, but my sweet man took us all out for dinner and this chunky chick likes food! More importantly, I enjoy time with him and our kids.


What the heel?!

I made it through one and a half heels. There was a small issue that I really don’t know how I messed up but I fixed it. Just the other half and the legs/cuffs to go! I think my boyfriend is getting antsy because he keeps asking if they are done yet. Apparently he has been waiting for these for a year. I guess I will have to knit him more socks to make up for it.

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I am notorious for biting off more than I can chew. I am sure that my lofty goals with the Ravellenics this year will prove this to be true once again. I have joined Team Sasquatch. I want to knit a pair of socks and finish my shawl. That is a LOT of knitting, especially when I work full time and have a family. I have a couple of days left to decide so I may just have to modify it a bit and just do the socks. There may end up being some spinning added if I can get my wheel up and working. That is a big if since I would also have to get to my fiber which is buried in a box in the garage currently and find a nice safe spot in the house for my wheel to hang out. I don’t have high hopes. Whatever I choose, I will be updating my progress fairly regularly so check back often!

I mentioned in my last post briefly about my bullet journal. I have finally got it where I want it to be for the most part and have started using it. There are some things that I could do differently/better but for the most part I love it! I feel like I am so much more productive and actually making some time for the things that I enjoy doing. It keeps me aware of my time and the things that I want to do. I have made at least a little bit of time every day to knit, read, and write. Now I just have to find time to exercise. Well you win some and you lose some, right?

One thing that I really like about my new job is that I can pop in my earbuds and listen to whatever I want. I have been doing some serious catching up on podcasts. Today I listened to the The Yarniacs and The Knitmore Girls podcasts. Both very enjoyable. I haven’t listened to podcasts regularly in well over a year so this is a nice change of pace and gives me a bit of fibery goodness even while I am sitting at my desk. This means that days that I can’t find the time to knit, I can still enjoy some knitting vicariously through podcasters.


Happy New Year!

Our long New Year weekend turned out to be full of surprises! The first surprise was that our new to us piano fit in the back of the Jeep with the back seats folded down. The second was that pianos are much lighter than I had imagined. Don’t get me wrong, this sucker isn’t light, but I was able to pick up one end by myself when we were finally positioning it. We ended up moving almost every last piece of furniture in our living room and bedroom so that we could make a new home for this piano. It was a ton of work but we got it done.

While moving things, we discovered the need to pick up a few small items at Lowe’s and I decided it was finally time to take the plunge and make myself a PVC niddy noddy. I went on Pinterest and used this website for a pattern. I have never cut PVC before so that was an experience. We have a tube cutter and it worked nicely. I do not have very strong hands, so it took a while but I got all the pieces cut and put together. It didn’t help much that I was sitting in the floor cutting so the dogs felt that they needed to be loved on, but I got it done! My next project will be a yarn swift. I will likely make a matching PVC swift but I would love to make a wooden one. That would require purchasing tools to make it so I feel like making a PVC one first may be a good idea. After that I will probably be purchasing a ball winder.

I used my new niddy noddy to split a hank of yarn in two so I can do a pair of socks for Dustin two at a time. It worked nicely. I will cast them on tonight probably. 

New Year. New piano. New house arrangement. New yarn accessories. Not a bad start for 2018. Let’s keep the new coming! 

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Christmas Knitting

I feel like people assume that handmade items are cheap and ugly. The popular thing in the last few years is the ugly Christmas sweater. Many of them are not very attractive for anyone who doesn’t still get gifts from Santa and some are truly hideous. Most are not the handknit pullovers of the past, but store bought sweatshirts and sweaters that adorn yuletide party goers, but it still hurts my heart a bit to see my craft of choice portrayed in such a light. 

I do not knit ugly Christmas sweaters, and I am very particular who I will knit a gift for. If I feel that an item will not be used or appreciated, I will not spend the time choosing a project, picking the yarn, and the hours upon hours knitting every single stitch. This year I did decide to knit a gift. My boyfriend’s dad has asked a few times for a pair of handknit socks. Normally I don’t knit socks as a gift because they are small and I don’t feel like most people get excited over a pair of socks, but since he spends a significant amount of time outdoors, I thought warm feet would be nice. Working full time and having a busy schedule, time to knit can be scarce. Let me tell you I got down to the wire on this gift. I managed to finish them at 4AM Christmas morning. Just hours to spare until his parents came to visit, but I completed them! I haven’t stayed up that late in ages and don’t plan on it again for a long time. 

Christmas even I received a text with a picture that they fit. I hope he truly enjoys them. If I decide to knit anything for Christmas next year, if it isn’t complete before Thanksgiving, it won’t be given. Maybe. 


SUP boarding and knitting

I have a new goal in life. I want to go to Tahiti and find a nice spot with a good view and sit down on a sup board and knit. Until I can make it to Tahiti, I will take Lake Desoto since it is a mile from my house. I am itching to knit. Time has been so limited lately with this crazy move, being in school full time, and having my hubby so far away, that every last second has been devoted to either moving and all that entails, school work, or my kid. Now that we are moved, I need to check out the LYS. I also need to plan a home for my yarn. I haven’t decided yet where it will live. It is a hard decision since I have so much room!