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Here an alpaca, there an alpaca, everywhere alpacas!

I have a confession. I want alpaca. Badly. I don’t know the first thing about raising alpaca or really farming in general, but I would absolutely jump at the opportunity to raise some sweet fuzzy headed alpaca darlings. I love living in town and close enough to run to the store and back in less than 20 minutes for a forgotten dinner ingredient or toilet paper, so why would I want to have farm land? I’m pretty sure its fiber insanity. There is no other explanation. We currently live in a college town in Northwest Arkansas, I will spare the woo pig since I am not a Razorback fan (Boomer Sooner baby), and we live on the outer edge of town. We are within two miles of two grocery stores, five or so gas stations, and tons of restaurants. We are also within a few miles of farm land. Every time we drive in the direction of the farms, I get it in my head that it is so perfectly located for someone like me who loves the convenience of living in town and yet wants about 6 or so alpacas. I find myself plotting ways to try to talk my darling husband into joining the ranks of EIEIO. I read alpaca blogs, hoping that their snippets of information will somehow turn me into an expert farmer. I think about how fun it would be to share raising alpaca (and maybe sheep) with my son, and how I would even love to have a big vegetable garden. Then reality sets in and my bright, sunny hillside fiber farm grows dark with the 8-5 (actually 9-6) cubicle work, bills, and less than perfect credit that greatly diminishes my chances of ever achieving this farm. Oh and spiders, snakes, and other creepy crawlies that seem to love open fields. I guess for now I will settle for visiting the alpaca farm on the other side of town instead.



I want an alpaca farm. There. I said it. Jim and I have discussed it some, and it is a possibility. Not right at this moment, but potentially in the future. I mean we live in an apartment right now so really where would we put an alpaca? I have some ideas and am planning on some serious research. We may decide later that we don’t want to persue this but at this point in time I very much would to! I have always loved animals and I loved staying on my grandmothers farm. I would like to find a farm here close by that I could go visit and maybe help out some, but so far I don’t know of any.