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More blankie work and project planning

I am apparently not very observant on some things. I just found out, 2 years later, that there is a knit version of the Spiderman blankie. Yeah. I think once I finish with the crochet inspired version, I will knit one. All I have left to do is finish stitching on the web. As I am sitting here typing this, I just thought of a different way I could do it. I think I will go home and pull out what I have and do it the new way. Sounds like a ton of work wasted, but maybe it will be finished soon! Sunday I knit 1.5 dish cloths. It was just something to do. I need to work on finding new projects from my stash. My stash is not near big enough. I think that I need to work on an afghan out of scrap yarns. I also want to crochet a granny square afghan. This is purely thanks to Latisha since she is now crocheting! LOL! For the Dozen Shawls in 20Dozen, I am doing the easier of the two patterns, because I know I have needles for it. This is a sad reason to choose a knit, but I think the pattern is really pretty, too. I think I may start on that sooner rather than wait until January to cast on, but only because I have an infant and I am sure that I will have a difficult time keeping up anyway. I figure this is the only chance I will get. If I somehow manage to get it done before January, I will go ahead and do the other one.

I haven’t been spinning. It isn’t because I don’t want to, I just don’t have much fiber or much money to buy fiber, and even if I did, I don’t have much space to spin or much time. Lots of the word much in that sentence. I think that I need to sit down and schedule time to spin as well as to knit. Obviously flexible since I have an infant, but maybe 30 minutes a few days a week to spend immersed in my passions.

My handsome little man is 2 months old. I can hardly believe it. He weighed 9 lbs 3 oz and was 22 inches long at his appointment Thursday. I started back to work on Nov 30 (my birthday) and I am having a really hard time. I miss him so much. I know that he is in good hands when I am away, but I still miss him terribly. I am so glad that I got my tubes tied, because if I hadn’t we would end up with a whole houseful of kids. As crazy as people seem to think the Duggars are, I can totally understand why they would have that many kids. I am not in a financial position to have 19, 9 or even 4 kids, so I won’t even try. My heart goes out to the Duggar family after the loss of their baby recently. Jonathan is challenging. I am tired all the time, I have to plan everything around him and financially, I am WAY over my head, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything. I truly have the two best men in my life. One tiny little man and them my big handsome man. I am so lucky and feel so blessed to have both of them, even when they drive me a little batty!



Four weeks ago

Four weeks ago today, we welcomed my darling baby boy. He was 5 lbs 14 oz and 19 inches long. I went in at 5 pm on Tuesday Oct. 4 to start the induction process. I was woken up early in the morning Oct. 5 to what I can best describe as chaos, which I am pretty sure that this is due mostly to the fact that I had taken a sleeping pill Tuesday night and was having some trouble waking up. They had come in while I was sleeping and started the pitocin which cause Jonathan’s heart rate to drop so they had to stop it. They woke me up and gave me the choice to try again or to go ahead with a c-section. We decided that it would be best to go ahead and choose the c-section. The surgery went well. My husband brought my sweet baby boy over to my head so I could see him before they whisked him off to clean him up and stitch me up.

After they got me all stitched up and wheeled into our room, I found out that baby Jonathan had low blood sugar and they had to keep him hooked up to an IV. It was a while before they finally brought him in to see me, but I was so excited to finally get to hold my little man! He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

After all of his tests came back, we found out that he had a touch of jaundice, too. They had to put him under the phototherapy lights. I hated that. It meant that I could only see him for about an hour every three hours to feed him. It also meant that our hospital stay was going to be drawn out even more.

The problems just seemed to keep coming. Because of the lights, his blood was too thick and his platelet counts were too low. Instead of maybe getting to go home Friday, it ended up Saturday, maybe Sunday. During all this, my blood pressure was elevated so I had to stay until Saturday anyway, but they finally released me. It ended up being late Tuesday afternoon before we got to bring our sweet baby home. As frustrating and trying as the whole thing was, I am so thankful for the wonderful staff that we had there. There were two nurses in particular, Anita and Kim, who were so wonderful and truly seemed to care for us and for our sick little guy. Without them, I probably would have gone totally insane! Well I can’t really promise that I didn’t anyway. Pregnancy hormones suck even worse after the baby is born!

Jonathan is now 4 weeks old. He is a challenge at times because he is a little piggy and he prefers to cuddle when he sleeps. My house is a wreck. I can only do so much with an infant stuck to me! I am so glad when my husband comes home from work so that I can get up and do things without having Jonathan scream for me. He is a good baby for the most part, but he does like to be held. A lot. I am hoping that the Moby wrap that we bought will help with this, but he has been in such a cranky mood today anyway, that I can’t handle him crying that close to my face for long. He actually loves the Moby. It calms him down really fast, but when he has been screaming, I need my own space.

I am sleeping better. My nightmares and subsequent panic attacks have subsided, thankfully. I am also not crying near as much as I was, and now it is generally more out of exhaustion/frustration, but luckily I have the world’s greatest husband so I am able to keep things calm most of the time.
Jim has been such a rock for me through this. Partly because he has had kids before so he knows things I don’t, and partly because when I start to get upset or frustrated, he jumps in immediately and helps. Sometimes it still frustrates me, but I am thankful anyway.

Breast feeding sucks (pun intended). We went yesterday and bought nipple shields and a breast pump. I honestly don’t know how I lived without the nipple shields. I really don’t. I am still sore, but not near like I was. I don’t worry any more that my baby is really part vampire because I am pretty sure he is drawing blood. Everyone says they will toughen up, but with as often as we were feeding, it seems like I was always so raw that I don’t know when I was going to heal. As far as the pump goes, I am trying to up my milk production a bit because even after he is done eating, he is still hungry acting. I just don’t think that I am producing enough milk. Yes I drink plenty of water. I drink water all day and all night. I usually have 32 oz during the night alone, besides all the water I drink during the day. Eating is a little more of a challenge because finding time to eat isn’t as easy as it seems like it should be. I find myself reaching for whatever I can during the day that will be fast that I can eat one handed while feeding a newborn. Sad really. I am sure that my diet may be part of my issues with milk production, but I am doing what I can and I am trying to pump to promote more milk. Jonathan loves his boob juice.
My pets are doing pretty well with him. No one hates him, though Maddie does seem jealous and Samantha seems scared of him. Jasmin loves her some Jonathan. She things he is her toy. The cats don’t bother him, which makes me feel good, though they don’t get to sleep in the bed room right now, because I am scared that they will try to cuddle him in the middle of the night and smother him.

Overall I love my little boy and I we are doing well. I am glad that we decided to have my tubes tied, though. This has been a physically and emotionally exhausting experience and I don’t think I could go through this again. I am going to post some pictures in a separate post.

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Ribbelmuster Socks

Overall we had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We spent the vast majority of the weekend moving, so it wasn’t a perfect weekend. We did get to grill out in honor of my husband’s birthday. We are really liking our duplex. We have a yard with a shade tree in the front. We enjoyed sitting out on the front porch grilling and enjoying the gorgeous weather. I can’t wait until we can get in there and really clean. It looks like they vacuumed before we moved in and that is about all. I wish we would have had time to get in there before hand and really scrub and clean, but we got the keys less than 24 hours before we moved in and very short amount of time to get everything moved over. It made for a very exhausting weekend. And in case anyone ever asks, moving while pregnant is not easy. I felt like I was not helping at all. We also played games. Phase 10 Twist and Monopoly Deal. All in all a good weekend.

I got a good start on the Ribbelmuster Socks this weekend. I love the pattern. I hope that I don’t cut the leg too short. I want to go ahead and start the heel but I want the socks to be tall enough. 

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to  look through patterns for baby Jonathan yet. Hopefully we will have internet soon and maybe I will have more luck then. I want something special. I want to knit the perfect knit. Now if I can just figure out what that is. I know I want to knit a baby blanket. I just have to decide on the color and yarn so I can get a good start. I wouldn’t be against knitting more than one, but I also have promised a friend who is due in November that I would knit her something for her baby so I that means less time for blankies for my little boy! It still makes me happy. Either way I probably wouldn’t have time for more than one blankie.

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It’s a BOY!!!

I slept for 4.5 hours last night. Why? Because I get off late and I woke up at 6:30 this morning W I D E awake in anticipation of our ultrasound this morning (at 9:30).  We got back into the ultrasound room and they gooped up my belly, which I am pretty sure is the medical term for it, and we got to see a cute little squirmy baby on big screen. They get to poking around and there he is!  A little boy! My baby Jonathan! I am so excited. I was hoping for a girl but I am very pleased that he is a boy. Maybe I don’t get to buy cutesy little frilly dresses and all, but this will probably save me a ton of money in the long run! LOL! He almost sucked his tiny little thumb for us. I can’t wait to go home and watch the DVD and see my little guy in action again. Am I going to wear out the DVD? Yup! Now I get to start shopping. I think we are going to do a sort of pirate theme in his room, but I may change my mind to something easier to find. Now I get to start seriously picking out baby knit patterns and get to work! I can’t wait to hold my sweet little man! I also can’t wait to stop being so flipping emotional. I didn’t cry at the ultrasound but writing about it about has me in tears. I am not sure if I would be like this or not, non pregnant.

In other life news, we move to our duplex tomorrow. I am ready. I am going to miss my nice new(ish) apartment, but I am so sick of all the crazy neighbors and parties and poop on the floor and pee in the elevator. I guess people don’t believe in picking up after their dogs. At least I hope it was a dog that made the mess. Since today is my wonderful husbands birthday and my mother bought him a grill for his birthday, we are going to grill out! I can’t wait. I am ready for our 3 day weekend, even if we are going to be moving.

I got the Hermione socks mostly finished. I still need to weave in the ends, but other than that they are done. I am not happy with the Kitchener stitch on the second sock, but I don’t think it bothers me enough to take it out and redo it. I will have to think about that before I weave in the ends. I am getting ready to start the Ribbelmuster Socks in Trekking XXL. I may try to cast on tonight. No promises. If not tonight then definitely this weekend. I am starting to look at baby boy knits, but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of them.  Maybe this will keep me from starting too many projects. As soon as I can I want to get some yarn to start on a baby blanket for my little Jonathan. I still have some of the purple Knit Picks Shadow so I may start another shawl before too long. No particular plans on which one yet, but I do love knitting shawls. I will post pictures of the Hermione socks as soon as I get the ends woven and all.

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I am going to keep this post short because I am very tired, but I have to share what all is going on in my life right now. First the non knitting stuff. The big news in my life right now is that I am 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We are having a frog, well a baby, but you know how they start out looking like little tadpoles? Yeah our baby now has the nickname of Frog. There isn’t much to tell at this point, other than besides being exhausted all the time and VERY tender boobs, I’ve been symptom free. Very little nausea, no vomiting, no cravings, no food aversions, nothing. I am not rubbing this in even slightly. I am surprised and impressed. I fully believe that God knows I’m a wimp and that since I’m so weak, He had pity on me. I’ve had 2 ultrasounds and my baby is jumping around wiggling like crazy. Seeing that was almost as cool as hearing it’s heart beat at 7 weeks.
In addition to our new addition, we have moved. Does it seem like all I ever do is move, or is that just me? We decided a couple months ago that we were done with Georgia. There were lots of reasons, but ultimately what matters is we are back home. I am back with the company that I was with prior to Georgia and things are going to be a little easier soon money wise. I wish I was making double what I am making now, but I am just so thankful for what I do have now. We will be having to make a trip back to Georgia to get our stuff because most of our things had to be left for now. Including my spinning wheel, most of my yarn, and all my knitting books except one.
That being said, I obviously am not doing much spinning. I want a new wheel. Badly. Not that I have anything against my Babe, but I want either a Schaacht Matchless or whatever the name of that new one is. I’m drawing a blank. It’s a travel wheel. Maybe it’s not new, but I have only heard of it recently so if nothing else it’s new to me! Anyway I am itching for a new wheel bad. I miss spinning and I want to get serious about it again. Well really more than I was before, but I want to at least spend time doing it.
For knitting- I have actually been doing some knitting. I am working on the Bitterroot shawl (which I don’t know how to link via mobile) but it is I believe the Winter 2009 Knitty. Don’t hold me to that, but I think that’s the one. It is a Romi design. It’s beautiful. I am all the way through Chart A and am on chart B. I’ll post more on it another time along with pictures. The socks I have been working on have been frogged. I will also post on that later. It is storming bad here and we have no electricity, so I need to conserve battery on my phone. Ug. Hope it comes back on soon so our food doesn’t spoil that we bought today.