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I have decided that while I can knit pretty much anything that comes my way, I do not possess the same skills for crocheting. I have been working on the Spiderman Superhero Afghan since I don’t know when. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my favorite 3 year old nephew, Jacoby. Well I promised my husband that his Fog sweater would be done by Christmas so that meant the Jacoby’s afghan got put on the back burner. The day I really started it, I worked on it for about 3 hours or so and never got past row 5. I haven’t figured out whether the problem is with my crochet pattern reading skills, or if there is something off in the pattern. I am leaning toward my inability to read a pattern. If this was a knit pattern, I could tell you right away if the problem was in the pattern. Even though I learned to crochet about 15 or so year ago and I have only been knitting for about 10 years, I have never quite gotten the hang of crocheting. I sat down with my mother in law and the pattern and asked her help. I should have just given her the yarn and pattern and told her to have at it, because then maybe it would have gotten done! I have sat down a couple of times since then and tried to work on it, but I finally decided the other day that it just wasn’t going to happen and that I needed to modify the pattern, i.e. do a totally different pattern in the same colors. I got it done in two days, minus the webbing. Since this is for a handsome little 3 year old, I figured that I would make it smaller, so getting it done in two days is not as impressive! I think it will be a good size for him now and as he grows older it will be more of a lapghan. I decided to go with a plain granny square afghan in mostly red with a few rounds of blue. Then I went over and stitched a really simple web on and am going over the webs with a tighter stitch to make the web really pop. This is the most time consuming part because my eyes aren’t exactly great. I need a lot of light and my eyes can’t be tired at all. So far I have only had about a good hour or so that I have gotten to work on that part. I may have to break down and use reading glasses or it may never get finished. Note, I have not added links to the projects, but if you are interested in seeing them, check out my Ravelry projects. I am WoolenDreams there as well.