Some designing

I am in the mood to do some design work. The biggest problem is I font know what it is I am wanting to design. I wish I had some stitch dictionaries. That would be helpful right about now. Just one more thing for the wishlist. Anyway I was looking at a lovely pattern by Kristin Ohmdal that I love. It is a mobius wrap called. Unfortunately I am not a crocheter so I will not be making this any time soon. I am sure I could do it if I really wanted to, but I just don’t because it is crochet. It did make me thing about knitting something similar and that led to me wanting to design something. Oh well there is more to it than that. Her blog has a lovely fan and feather at the top of the page. I love knitting fan and feather. I just might have to find something to incorporate a fan and feather pattern into. I have some ideas ranging from more classic looking designs to more funky art pieces. I wish I could take a picture of the pieces I see in my mind. That would be helpful. I need to work on my drawing since that would be helpful too.
As far as spinning is concerned, well I haven’t been doing much lately. I want to badly, but I haven’t. I have some lovely fiber given to me by a friend that is waiting patiently for me to pull my wheel infront of my chair. I just really want to work on this design a bit first. Tough sketches and stuff. I did get out my drop spindle the other day and spun up a sample from my PhatFiber box. It is a sample from Plum Crazy Ranch. The color at first wasn’t anything that struck me as special. It was pretty, but just didn’t jump out and scream gorgeous until I got it on the spindle. Now I am in love. I played with it a bit, seeing how it looked thicker and thinner and all. I will have to order some later but it will wait a bit.
I should be getting a car this weekend. I am nervous about it. I haven’t had my own car since 2007. Greenwise I don’t want a car. Both earth and pocketbook. However at this point it really will be cheaper and better for us to have two. We will be spending the same amount or less in gas, I will be able to get a job which means even though we will have insurance on two cars, I will be able to make money. So yeah. A car it is. The guy is letting us pay half now and half next month. I am happy and nervous. Jim says he is going to paint it, but we don’t have a place for him to paint it so I don’t know how that’s going to happen. I wish we could buy a small house on a couple acres and have a big shed that we could turn into a paint booth and have alpacas too! Maybe someday. Oh and I want a pool. :0)


Day #4 – A New Skill

I really feel like I can do anything knitwise as long as I can find clear directions on how to do it. The one skill that I would really like to Develop more would hands down be design. I have tons of ideas written down waiting to be made into reality. Part of the reason I have yet to work on it much is because I don’t have much extra yarn. I generally buy yarn with a project in mind. The other part is the frustration that comes when things aren’t just right and having to start and restart. So far all of my designs have been limited to very small projects that have been given as gifts. I would like to design shawls and other lace projects, but I am not quite there yet. In time I will be!