Plan for Etsy store

First of I wanted to say that I will hopefully have everything ready to start listing on Thursday, December 31, 2009. I am starting out with a kind of light load of hand dyed roving. The hardest part right now is that I need to take some pictures to list. Once I get that done, I will be ready. Also I would like to put some hand-spun on there, but most of what I have ready to go right now, is some that was kind of beginner yarns, if that makes sense, so there are sometimes places that are not entirely even. Just in a few spots. I am wondering if that would even be something that anyone would like to buy. It isn’t thick and thin yarns, it is like thin with the occasional underspun spot. I may put it on and explain about it and if no one buys it then I will just keep it. I do need to measure it all again though, before I can list. I was going to have some stitch markers to go with them, however, I have just not made the time to make more than one. Yup. One. There are reasons though.

Knitting: I did not finish the sleeve before Christmas. The Fog sweater is STILL not done. Every time I have tried to set aside time to knit, something has come up. Ok. One of the somethings was a PS3. Christmas Eve I planned to knit all day, but we had 14 people in the house, and I couldn’t concentrate with everything going on around me. I did really enjoy the fellowship with the family though, so I suppose it was worth it. It WILL be finished before Jan. 1. I have all day New Years Eve to myself to knit. If I have to stay up until midnight finishing, it will get done. If it doesn’t please don’t yell at me. So since it is coming up on the new year I figure that I ought to go through and start looking at projects for 2010. I am excited about this. February is the Ravelympics and I will be knitting along with TEAM KNITMORE! I haven’t decided on a project for this yet. I am seriously thinking a pair of fair isle mittens, but I have to see what hours I will be working before I commit to this project. I may try entrelac socks. I will post my 2010 knitting goals later on this week, probably on New Year’s Eve. For now I will say that I would like to knit a tam, as well as at least 3 shawls this year; one for me, my mother, and my best friend. I also have Christmas crocheting to do for my favorite 3-year-old in the world. Spiderman blanket. I believe that once I get the pattern down, it will take me no time. *fingers crossed* I just have to finish this sleeve first. I am skipping lunch today to knit on the sleeve.

Spinning: Ok. Fiber. I have been trying to put as much time in this sleeve as I can so I have set the spindle down until I get it done. I have been doing some dying and some of that will be spun up. I have a few ounces set aside that were a test dye, if you will, that is broken up into about 6 or 7 pieces and I don’t really want to sell it that way. If it was like two big pieces, it would be different, but some of these are just 8 or so inches long. Maybe someone would like that, I don’t know, so I am going to spin it to sell. It will be laceweight, probably. Most of what I have been dying is two colors. I am going to do some probably tonight that will be a solid color. I haven’t decided on the color yet though.

Sewing: I have been working on some designs for some bible covers. Mine currently does not have one and I have some ideas of what I would really like out of a bible cover, so I have them drawn out. I need to do some measuring and get some materials and get to work, but the knitting and spinning are higher on my priority list. Just know that this is stewing in my brain a bit. I will have pictures as soon as I get one completed.