If you want to destroy my sweater

I knit a sweater for Jim a long time ago. It was the Fog sweater. It is lovely. It is going to be scrapped. It isn’t that he doesn’t like it, it is just that it is heavy. Extremely heavy. Think 20 lb sweater. That may be an exaggeration, but not by much. Needless to say since we live in the relative south (south of the Mason/Dixon line, but not by much) we don’t have really cold weather here. So I have 30 lbs of Cascade Eco Wool hanging out in lovely Fog form waiting to be something different. I have decided to take this opportunity and knit my own design. I haven’t completely decided what just yet, but I do know that I will be knitting something other than a pullover because this yarn is so heavy, I feel like it will get more use if it is not a pullover. I am also toying with the idea of trying steeking.

I really haven’t had anything on the needles. Between baby, work and moving, I just haven’t made the time. My February shawl is in time out. Yes, it is April, but I obviously am not going to get a dozen shawls in. I didn’t run a lifeline, so I have to actually tink back two rows in lace. Ug. One day when I have had plenty of sleep and have peace and quiet (does this exist when you have a 6 month old?) I will go back and fix it.

I have made a tiny bit of time to spin. I finished spinning the fiber that I got at the Knit Wits Christmas Party and I LOVE it. I think that I am going to leave the singles as is instead of plying them. I plied up a small amount and was not happy with how it looked plied. I don’t really have plans for the yarn yet. I would like to do socks, but I am iffy about doing socks out of singles. They need a little more stable yarn, don’t they? It would make gorgeous socks though so I don’t know. Once I get the other bobbin washed and set, I will decide what they are destined to be. It makes me want to spin more, but I am lacking in the fiber department.

So as I mentioned before, we move (again). We found a 3 bedroom duplex 5 miles from my work. We LOVE it. It may not be a live here forever kind of place, but I think that we will probably be there for at least the next 3 years. We have plenty of room and it isn’t gross. Most importantly or maybe just a major perk, my best friend lives 3 streets over. Plus my friend Emily lives very close by too. Both of whom knit. 🙂 Yes this is one very happy knitter right here. I can’t explain how much being around someone who knits makes me want to knit even more. Add the mass amounts of knitting podcasts I have been listening to. *sigh* I need to buy more yarn.

shop · WIP

Etsy shop open!

Well we made it to 2010! I was so excited about having 5 days extra off in two days, but having Christmas and New Years in there really messed me up. Even though I was off work, I still ended up busy. I ended up getting half as much done as I wanted to.

Shop announcement: My etsy shop is now up and going! Right now I have some fiber for sale. I have some that I am spinning to sell, and some handspun waiting to be listed. Not having Internet on a decent computer makes me want to scream. Soon.

Knitting: I finished the Fog sweater! I can’t believe it is finally finished. I told Jim it would be finished before 2010 and it was! Barely! Now I have started on the afghan for Jacoby and I am already having issues. I think the pattern has some issues in it. But this is me and crochet so that could be the problem! Lol!

Spinning: I have some of my merino bamboo hand dyed on the bobbin right now. I am still decideding how I going to ply it. Because of the color changes, I am tempted to Navjo ply. I just love seeing the pretty colors all separated on the bobbin. It may end up being a 2 or 3 ply. I also have some alpaca on another bobbin. I haven’t decided what I am doing with it, but I need the other bobbin soon. I may wind it off and ply it up later. I should think about that today.