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A Slice of Knitting Heaven

20131019-222122.jpgWhat better way to spend a Friday evening, than a sleeping household, coffee, Netflix on my phone with earbuds in (sleeping household remember?) and finishing my Citron shawl? Not many better ways, that’s for sure and they all include my family and/or the addition of a glass of wine. I am a fairly monogamous knitter which makes binding off very bittersweet. On one hand, I have a beautiful, almost complete new addition to my wardrobe and on the other hand, I have no more knitting.
Do you remember The Fog sweater I knit for my husband a few years ago? No? Go back and and do a search on my blog for Fog. I finished it in Jan 2010. It is a lovely sweater. And thick. I’ve been threatening to frog it for months or longer. As soon as my sweet little guy goes to bed tomorrow, it will meet it’s fate. That means my no more knitting will be solved very soon.
In addition to knitting a new sweater, I have 3 socks worth of sock yarn to knit. After listening to Jasmine from the Knitmore Girls podcast talking about her sock drawer and seeing all the sock drawers posted on the Ravelry thread, I took a look at my own sock drawer. I have 2 pairs and Jim has 1. How is this possible? I am so jealous of all of everyone’s pretty hand knit socks. I need to purchase new needles for this because my smaller sets of needles met a terrible end. That’s the bad thing about wood needles. Two brand new pairs of wood needles snapped when the bag they were in got stepped on. I may have cried. I really would like to take the 52 pair plunge starting in January, but I don’t know if my yarn budget will allow me to purchase that much yarn. I may see what I can do. I have much to think about.


Rip back

I ripped back a couple inches on sleeve #1 (3) before I got too far on sleeve #2 (4). It’s going to fit so much better. Also it will make the other sleeve go faster! 😉 I am hoping that maybe I won’t have to order more yarn, but we will see. I’m going to try to finish this sleeve tonight so I can get a good start on the next one tomorrow.



Ok. Sweater done by Christmas didn’t happen. That’s just the way it is. I was hoping that I would have it done by the last day of our vacation. AND IT WOULD HAVE BEEN!!!! But….I guess I didn’t buy enough yarn, because I RAN OUT! 27 rows from being finished and I have to go out and buy another giant hank of the yarn. 478 yards for 27 rows and stitching the sleeves on. That’s it. I am going to end up with a big chunk of yarn hanging out in my stash mocking me because I had to buy it for that tiny little amount. ARG. And it doesn’t help that this is holiday season and I have no clue whatsoever what KnitWicks hours are going to be. I am praying that she will be open tonight. I have to go to Tulsa tomorrow with my mother to pick my brother up from the airport and I am not looking forward to the 2 hour ride there and back. Of course the final sleeve will be done in about 45 minutes, but still. It will help pass the time! Otherwise I will have to wait until Friday! That would just be torture seeing the sweater starting at me almost finished. Sticking its unwoven ends out at me and taunting me like a stinky kid on the schoolyard. What will I do?!?!?!



I have about 5 or so inches of the second sleeve done. I have run out of steam. I need to work on another project to get going again, but I have promised DH I will get it done by Christmas! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! EEEEKKKK!!!!! I tried so hard to work on it last night, but my hands were cold and I kept finding them under the blanket on my lap. I just can’t concentrate on it. I have had so much going on that I haven’t had much opportunity to work on it. I was going to work on it this past weekend but we spent most of it shopping.
I need to decide on a new project when I am done with this one. DH thinks that I should knit exclusively for him from now on, but I really am thinking about a fair isle hat.


I have finished one of the sleeves! This picture was taken after finishing the sleeve, but before starting on the neck. I can’t help it, I needed something different to work on before starting sleeve #2. Plus I was travelling yesterday so I didn’t want to mess with all the dpns. I am so ready to be done with this thing. I have about about an inch left on the neck. I would have more done if I had worked on it during the car ride to Kansas yesterday. Well actually I did work on it but realized I was off a couple of stitches and ripped it out. I didn’t start again till I was at my grandparents house. It is looking good though. So all I have left is one inch of the turtleneck, sleeve #2 and sewing the sleeves on/weaving in ends! Yay! It is about time too. Yesterday was my birthday and I got snow again this year for it! : )

Finished with the front!!!!

I still have to seam and now that I look at the front, I am not so sure that I shouldn’t go back and redo it… but it is done! I am going to figure out tonight if I am off on it or not. I just can’t tell. Something isn’t matching up with the seams. Oh well. I am not too worried. I will figure it out soon enough! After this all I have is the neck and the sleeves. I pinned it and DH tried it on last night. Perfect fit!!!! YAY!!!

All over the page · WIP

Well it is going to be big

For the record this is not my fault. I explained to my husband that the size that he wanted would probably be a little big for him. Then I got started and I have been telling him, well a lot, that I think that this thing is going to be really big for him. I am just slightly large on the gauge, but not enough to make any real difference. I am talking like 1/4 of a stitch off of gauge so it is coming out to be almost exactly the right size. I am going to finish the front and try it on him with the front and back held together at the shoulder seams so he will get a real good idea of what size this will really be. I don’t think that it is going to be horrible, but I think that a size or two smaller would be better. Maybe just one size because I don’t like sweaters to be too fitting on guys.
Other news. The bookcase looks great. We are going through the rest of the house deciding on different things that we want to do. We have the loft area kind of figured out. Not completely but it is coming together. We have been starting to discuss our shop (even though it is 10 years from now) and I have to say I am so excited. Even though it is so far off, it is exciting getting ready for it. I am hoping that this will bring my husband and I even closer together.