Red Scarf Project

One of the blogs that I enjoy and read regularly is Now Norma Knits. Her post on August 5, really just jumped out at me. It is on the Red Scarf Project. I just so happen to have quite a bit of red yarn that has no current use and I am thinking about participating. I am going to bring it up to our little knitting group on Monday and see if anyone else would like to participate as well. In addition to this, well assuming that parenthood allows me for any knitting time whatsoever, I want to do some charity scarf/mitten knitting for the homeless. My next door neighbor works for the local shelter so it would be super convenient to just drop them off with her.

Besides the charity knitting bug, I was hit really hard this morning with the urge to knit some more shawls. I have a pattern than I am working on designing that has been mostly on the back burner and I think needs to be worked on soon. Maybe I will work on it this weekend if I get a chance. I need quiet and no interruptions while I am mulling it over, and over and over. I will update later on whether or not any progress is made on it. I should be knitting baby stuff!

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Shop announcement!

Ok. I really need to stop letting my emotions get the best of me. So I got my award letter from the college and for whatever reason did not notice that it was only for the Spring semester, not the entire year. This is because my hubby opened the letter and emailed me the results. I didn’t go back and read it thoroughly. Why should I? I only got half what I needed for school. Yup. Half. So half for half the year is? Yeah. Classic example of I shouldn’t let my emotions get the best of me and make sure I have all the information before getting down or upset, or heck, even happy! I got my letter on Friday. I was pretty well bummed most of the weekend, but decided that I was really going to hit this whole yarn thing really hard and get serious about selling online. Yes I understand that to actually make profit, it will take time and there will be ups and downs and blah blah blah. I know and despite all that (or maybe because of it, since my husband thinks I am O.D.D) I want to pursue it. Fiber makes me happy. We have discussed it in depth for about a year or so and we really want to open up an actual shop someday. Now understand that we are talking 10 years out, but it is still in the plans. We want to start selling online first, mostly handspun and hand-dyed fiber, but eventually also handmade spindles, stitch markers, project bags, maybe even handmade spinning wheels (that one is all my hubby!). We will be doing this starting with Etsy.com but hopefully will have our own website in about 5 years time. My Etsy shop is “up” but we (ok Hubby) is in the process of working on a banner and I am getting stuff ready for listing. Since I work a full time job and need time to, I don’t know, continue working on inventory, I am taking my time with this. I know I hate when I see a site under construction thing, but I will have items up no later than January 1. I really would like to do like a big Christmas thing. I am thinking about doing a gift with purchase. I still need to do some thinking on that one. I have so many ideas and so little time and resources for the next couple weeks.

Spinning: I have had two really busy nights in a row, one grocery shopping and one watching a movie plus working late, so my spinning time has been short, maybe 15 minutes or less.  I know. I know. For someone who wants to open a shop, that sure isn’t enough time, but I have had one of those weeks where there just isn’t the extra time. Even in this small amount of time I have had, I can’t seem to make it through this teeny tiny amount of fluff. I get that it is very wide roving so what looks small is acutally much, much larger, but still. I have said for two days, “I just want to make it through this little bit of fluff”. Still hasn’t happened. I think that my wheel is getting jealous. I completely understand, but I want about 4 ounces (or maybe 5) to be laceweight, and while I can spin laceweight on my wheel, it is a ton easier on the spindle. This is making the Matchless look even better. I really need to spin on one first though. I just can’t seem to get my wheels tension right to not fight for laceweight, for plied yarns. On the spindle I can get 23+ WPI on a 2 ply, and it is lovely. But it goes so much slower on the spindle. I want to order more roving so badly, but I think I may hold off a bit on that.

Knitting: I haven’t had much time for knitting. The second (4th) Fog sleeve is about an inch or so long now. I should have knit last night while we were watching the movie, but I got caught up in looking over financial aid stuff that I didn’t I REALLY need to get this going because I want to have it finished before Christmas and I think I may rip back part of the other sleeve! I plan on doing nothing else tonight. Maybe someone else in the house will make dinner, so I can knit all evening. My plans for this weekend include dying and knitting. Nothing else, which means I probably won’t have time to dye or knit! LOL! Also on my knitting plate, I really want to knit the New Pea Coat from Interweave Knits Fall 2008. I wish I already had it knit now that I don’t know where my coat is from the move and it is starting to get cold! It probably will not be completed before the end of this winter. Actually I doubt it will be started before the end of this winter. And for the Ravelypics, I have joined Team Knitmore, and I will either be working on a project for me to wear to Stitches South (I haven’t picked what yet) or I may go with a pair of fair isle mittens (also no pattern yet).

design · WIP

Creative Juices are FLOWING!!!

I am working on some designs right now for a line of knits. I am on a lace kick right now so they are starting out as a few different lace shawls and then maybe I will go on to a few sweaters and maybe some socks from there. I am just sketching on them right now. I still have some decisions to make as far as what I want them to look like and all that. I am in the middle of knitting a shawl right now that I would really like to finish first. I am excited because I have never done much designing before so this is going to be my first “real” design. I have done some small stuff before but nothing on quite this big of a scale before. It feels very good to get this creative side out and exercising it a little bit. I am also wanting to spin the yarn for these. At least for the final products, not necessarily for the “trial” ones. I have colors that I am working on in my head that my limited amount of colored pencils is just not allowing me to show on paper right now. Mostly because I am thinking probably doing heathered colors since I LOVE heathers. I have one of the colors pretty well picked out, just have to spin it up and go. I might play with some dying next weekend. I don’t have much time during the week right now to dye. My supervisor just had a baby so I have to stay an hour later at work every day (OT for me!) and it really cuts into my evenings. Plus I am usually so exhausted that by the time I get done exercising and eating dinner, it is time for bed. I may try to soak some yarn tonight and have it dying while I exercise tomorrow. LOL! Maybe I will take my crock pot to work with me and dye there! It is just going to be a very small amount because I am experimenting with it. I need to buy some more fiber. *sigh*

The Creatures of the Reef shawl is coming along nicely. I finished the first chart last night and ran a lifeline. I am three rows into the second chart. I have to say I really enjoy this pattern. It was designed by Dorothy Siemens and she has several others that are very lovely. I will definitely be knitting the peacock feathers shawl, maybe later this year. I may try to get a blog post going later on today or tomorrow on what all I will be trying to knit for the remainder of 2009. It will be kind of short right now because we are going to be moving in a couple months and I am trying to not buy much yarn/fiber right now so that there will be less to pack. Since we have a soft top Jeep we can’t rent a pull behind UHaul and we don’t have much we want to take with us. Most of our stuff will either be sold or donated. We already donated what amounted to 6 or 7 lawn sized bags of clothes, and there are still more to go! Oh and there was close to one bag of unmendable, stained, or otherwise undonatable clothes. So basically if it is not in my stash now, it won’t be for a couple of months (maybe I will buy enough to knit another shawl). I am trying really hard to destash what I have now. I am knitting an afghan for my aunt to destash and I am going to do a couple of charity projects as well, if I have enough yarn that I can do it in. I have lots of single skeins. The rest will probably be donated or something. Just keep my good yarns.

I am feeling like my brain is working a lot better right now than it was. I wonder if it is because I have cut way down on the amount of carbs I eat. I really hate admitting that because I am a self admitted carboholic and I kind of miss my carbs. I am doing pretty good on my diet. Not that I have been perfect, but even the times that I have been “bad” I have limited myself and, well, I am proud. It has taken a long time for me to get to this point, where I am in control of what I am eating. I think I am driving my husband crazy with it though. He is the one “helping” me with the diet and there are times when I get kind of cranky when all I want is a big bowl of pasta. I don’t mean to make him feel bad. I really do appreciate what it is that he is helping me do. It is getting easier and I have been losing weight. I haven’t done so hot this weekend. I haven’t worked out once and I have had steamed WHITE rice twice and I am not admitting what I ate at Village Inn with my dad the other morning. Pancakes and fried potatoes may have been involved. But other than those minor setbacks I am still good. Oh and I have not had enough water this weekend. Oh well. I will drink some in a bit.

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So I am setting for myself some goals, as far as the fiber arts are concerned….

  1. color knitting— I know that once I try it, I will have no problems, I just haven’t tried it yet! : )
  2. lace— I can knit lace, but I have never knit anything big and complicated as far as lace is concerned. I have a shawl in mind….
  3. spinning— LOL! spinning in general, both spindle and wheel
  4. dying
  5. crocheting— I only know a few stitches and I am not real sure I know what I am doing when I do crochet. I have done a couple things that were nice looking, but not consistant looking…..

I am sure that the list will go on. I want to have most of this accomplished by this time next year. No promises though! : )

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Well it is going to be big

For the record this is not my fault. I explained to my husband that the size that he wanted would probably be a little big for him. Then I got started and I have been telling him, well a lot, that I think that this thing is going to be really big for him. I am just slightly large on the gauge, but not enough to make any real difference. I am talking like 1/4 of a stitch off of gauge so it is coming out to be almost exactly the right size. I am going to finish the front and try it on him with the front and back held together at the shoulder seams so he will get a real good idea of what size this will really be. I don’t think that it is going to be horrible, but I think that a size or two smaller would be better. Maybe just one size because I don’t like sweaters to be too fitting on guys.
Other news. The bookcase looks great. We are going through the rest of the house deciding on different things that we want to do. We have the loft area kind of figured out. Not completely but it is coming together. We have been starting to discuss our shop (even though it is 10 years from now) and I have to say I am so excited. Even though it is so far off, it is exciting getting ready for it. I am hoping that this will bring my husband and I even closer together.

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Finished the back

I finished the back of DH’s sweater last night! Yay. Some sense of accomplishement on it anyway. I had fully planned on working on it all day Saturday, but there were too many errands to run. I only got to knit for maybe an hour or so Saturday. That made me super sad, but at least there was a lot of stuff that got done around the house. My bookcase is painted now, so hopefully it will be dry and ready to go by tonight. We are waiting to see if there will have to be any touch up spots before we move it in to the house. Now the living room is almost done. Well I should say that it won’t look like it is still packed anyway. Plus the garage is going to look a little more empty now! I just need to find a good place to put my big tub o’ yarn. I just don’t know where it is going to fit. I need some sort of visible storage thing where I can easily inventory what I have. Soon. Jim and I started working on our 10 year career plan. It has made me very excited for the future as well as helped me so I will be able to get on track. I need to work on financial aid for school very soon. Just have to wait for w-2s to come out. Then we can do our taxes and everything will start falling into place. : ) Have my 1, 3, 5, and 10 year goals started. Of course there will be some changes here and there (I would love to be at 5 years where I want to be at 10, but that probably won’t happen) but I am so excited for everything. Will reveal more at a later date.

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I have started Wicked. I am done with the collar and part of the shoulders. It is coming along nicely. Almost to a point to put the sleeve openings on waste yarn! Should have that done by Thursday, anyway. Since we have been moving and all I haven’t had as much time to knit as I would like to have, but even with just 5 minutes here and there it is still growing. This is my first project knit continental. I just learned how to do it. I am excited. It is something that I have wanted to learn for a long time, but have never understood how to wrap the yarn. It is way easier than I thought it was going to be. Of course since I have knit for so long the other way, when I pick up the yarn it automatically wraps around my right fingers without thinking. But not a single stitch has been knit that wasn’t continental. : )
I got the wool in for DH sweater on Thursday. I am still looking for the perfect pattern, but since we just moved, I can’t find any of my patterns or books. I know they will turn up soon. We have like 10 boxes of books and I am sure that they are mixed in with non knitting books. He is supposed to sand down the bookcase today so that it will be ready to paint next weekend. Then we will be able to unpack all of our books. My bookcase upstairs in our bedroom is just waiting to be filled with knitting books!
The house is starting to look good. We don’t have a lot of decortive items at this point, but it is looking good anyway. The bedroom looks nice, thanks to DH. He worked very hard yesterday getting the master bed and bath set up while I was at work. I still have to wash our comforter so I can put the duvet cover on, but that requires knowing where it is! That will really set it off. The living room is kind of bare. We have the small sectional couch down there with a rug borrowed from my mom. There is a picture on the fireplace that is holding the spot where the flat tv will go once I have enough saved for it…Maybe by Christmas….. And of course the cat jungle. The giant fake plant (named Gordon by my father years ago) that Jack has decided is his little kitty paradise. We got our new kitchen table all put together. When we were asked if we wanted to pay them to put it together, DH asked if was going to be a difficult process. “Just 3 or 4 screws” is what she said to me. There are more than that in each chair leg. 3 hours after we started putting it together, it was done. It is so beautiful. I am very excited to be in a home that I can be proud of. It isn’t huge but it is very nice. After the places that I have been living, it is even nicer!
Knitting/crochet projects that I am wanting to work on:
1)Wicked (started)
2)Odessa (have yarn for this)
3)Sweater for DH (have yarn for this)
4)Sweater for Mom
5) Harry Potter scarves (maybe) for my stepsons
6)Circle to squares afghan
7)Fireside afghan in black/red for our bed
8)cabled afghan for MIL (if time permits before we go to Georia)(have yarn for this)
9)Christmas stockings at least for DH and I. Boys too if time permits.