Hmmmm. Lofty goal

Ok with being sick and all of the distractions I have not been able to knit near as much as I have wanted to. Last Saturday was supposed to be completely devoted to knitting, but I went to breakfast with my dad Saturday morning and ran some errands with him. Then my mom and I went shopping. Then my husband and my stepson go back from camping and wanted to eat and play and well I got maybe an inch done on his sweater. 😦 I didn’t go to the late night knit last night because I was sick and didn’t want to leave the house. And I didn’t feel like knitting the night before because I was starting to get sick, although I didn’t know it yet. Tomorrow, just me and the needles. If I don’t get it done this weekend (which I won’t) then my new goal will be for Oct. 15. Good goal.