All over the page · WIP


So I am setting for myself some goals, as far as the fiber arts are concerned….

  1. color knitting— I know that once I try it, I will have no problems, I just haven’t tried it yet! : )
  2. lace— I can knit lace, but I have never knit anything big and complicated as far as lace is concerned. I have a shawl in mind….
  3. spinning— LOL! spinning in general, both spindle and wheel
  4. dying
  5. crocheting— I only know a few stitches and I am not real sure I know what I am doing when I do crochet. I have done a couple things that were nice looking, but not consistant looking…..

I am sure that the list will go on. I want to have most of this accomplished by this time next year. No promises though! : )