Couple days late

Well I didn’t end up making it anywhere that I could use the Internet this weekend. Ok. Not completely true. I spent 2+ hours atthe library on Friday trying to get my computer updated and wasn’t able to finish all of it. Anyway, excuses, excuses. I am going to try to upload photos from my phone and see how that works. Now all I need to do is list them. I am without a car again today so I can’t today. I wish we had the internet at home, but what can you do?
I am spinning some fiber right now that I dyed and thought it was slightly felted so I didn’t want to sell it. Turns out it was just one little spot and it wasn’t that it was felted, the fibers just got a little messy. It is spinning like a dream and is the perfect spring color! Soft but bright yellow and green. It makes me so happy to spin! I will post pics when I am done with it!