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It’s a BOY!!!

I slept for 4.5 hours last night. Why? Because I get off late and I woke up at 6:30 this morning W I D E awake in anticipation of our ultrasound this morning (at 9:30).  We got back into the ultrasound room and they gooped up my belly, which I am pretty sure is the medical term for it, and we got to see a cute little squirmy baby on big screen. They get to poking around and there he is!  A little boy! My baby Jonathan! I am so excited. I was hoping for a girl but I am very pleased that he is a boy. Maybe I don’t get to buy cutesy little frilly dresses and all, but this will probably save me a ton of money in the long run! LOL! He almost sucked his tiny little thumb for us. I can’t wait to go home and watch the DVD and see my little guy in action again. Am I going to wear out the DVD? Yup! Now I get to start shopping. I think we are going to do a sort of pirate theme in his room, but I may change my mind to something easier to find. Now I get to start seriously picking out baby knit patterns and get to work! I can’t wait to hold my sweet little man! I also can’t wait to stop being so flipping emotional. I didn’t cry at the ultrasound but writing about it about has me in tears. I am not sure if I would be like this or not, non pregnant.

In other life news, we move to our duplex tomorrow. I am ready. I am going to miss my nice new(ish) apartment, but I am so sick of all the crazy neighbors and parties and poop on the floor and pee in the elevator. I guess people don’t believe in picking up after their dogs. At least I hope it was a dog that made the mess. Since today is my wonderful husbands birthday and my mother bought him a grill for his birthday, we are going to grill out! I can’t wait. I am ready for our 3 day weekend, even if we are going to be moving.

I got the Hermione socks mostly finished. I still need to weave in the ends, but other than that they are done. I am not happy with the Kitchener stitch on the second sock, but I don’t think it bothers me enough to take it out and redo it. I will have to think about that before I weave in the ends. I am getting ready to start the Ribbelmuster Socks in Trekking XXL. I may try to cast on tonight. No promises. If not tonight then definitely this weekend. I am starting to look at baby boy knits, but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of them.  Maybe this will keep me from starting too many projects. As soon as I can I want to get some yarn to start on a baby blanket for my little Jonathan. I still have some of the purple Knit Picks Shadow so I may start another shawl before too long. No particular plans on which one yet, but I do love knitting shawls. I will post pictures of the Hermione socks as soon as I get the ends woven and all.

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Finished project pictures

Just a little update and some pictures. I know you are shocked, but I actually have a few pictures.

But first a quick update. College is definitely possibly in my not too distant future. I am nervous about money and having a newborn and all that, but I know what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. And this will be a good opportunity for me to give my child a better possible future yada yada yada. Nothing is in stone yet so I won’t rattle on too much about that.

So for the stuff you actually probably read my blog about (does anyone read this?): KNITTING!!! Let’s start with unfinished/unstarted projects and work our way up to the grand finale.

I am waiting for some needles to open up so I can start another pair of socks. I don’t even love knitting socks that much but I love how fast they go. I have a couple different pairs that I have in mind to knit. Yarns anyway, not so much patterns. I need to get to looking for patterns for them. The first I actually have the yarn for, Trekking in a lovely neon yellow and orange and green? Something like that. And I need to knit some socks for my mom. I am thinking pink, but that is as far as I have gotten on those. I also have some super secret designing plans in the works. Ok they aren’t that super secret, but I am not ready to announce them until they are a little more in the works than what they are right now. I know basically what I want but I am having some difficulty figuring out exactly how to make it become a reality. I have some ideas but I haven’t gotten to play with them yet. My focus has been elsewhere.

Actually in progress, I have the Hermione Everyday Socks. I am still not 100% fond of the yarn I am using (Knitpicks Stoll Handpaint in Cartoon) but now that I

have completed one sock and cast on the second sock, it looks ok. Just not exactly the colors I was looking for. It is no fault of the yarn, just not what I want. I don’t exactly understand SSS. I find finishing the first sock kind of like hitting a checkpoint in a video game. It is satisfying in the fact that I have an entire sock completed, but I still get the joy of moving on to the second and having something already planned for the needles next. I am pretty much a monogamous knitter, so I rarely have more than one or two projects going. I like to have an easy project and one that requires more brain power so I can knit in just about any situation so the second sock sometimes gets on my nerves when I am ready to start a new project, but I just can’t leave an orphaned sock! I have two feet and I don’t want one to be walking around fully clothed and the other to be naked! I am so ready to start on some different socks, but I just can’t say no to the second sock. I got my second sock cast on last night and several rows of the cuff knitted. I am not going to put a goal time on this really but I would like to be done with it in the next couple of weeks. I have found when I have something sit for a while I tend to frog it in the end anyway, so if I don’t complete the pair sooner than later, they won’t get done! I will be casting on something else before too long though.

The Bitterroot shawl is done. It is beautiful. I ran out of blocking pins so I didn’t get to block it near as aggressively as I wanted but I will next time. It is still lovely! And I have pictures! I am very please with this shawl. It was fun to knit and it came out looking rather nice!

Ready for its close up:

The entire (almost) view: