One day or day one

I came across a quote that I like. “One day or day one. You decide.” It pretty much sums up where I am at this year. I have goals in life and to reach those goals, I have to stop wanting and wishing and start doing. Like starting a bullet journal, which is where I got the idea of the quote. I won’t be posting much about it, though. I will be posting more about knitting and other various crafts that I enjoy or want to learn to do.

I came across this post yesterday and I loved it. Pinterest is my life, or at last fills the moments that I can’t craft or read (I love to hang out on Pinterest while watching movies because I can see it in the dark). I have been pinning a lot lately about homesteading because I hope to eventually have a little bit of land that I can be at least a little more self sufficient. This came up in my feed and it really struck a chord with me because this is how I feel about things. I want to learn to do things for myself, even if I don’t need to use them. I don’t have to sew my own clothes, and I don’t know if I will ever have a wardrobe full of clothing made by me, but to be able to is something that is important to me. I love to knit. It is a valuable skill to me.

Speaking of knitting, I am knitting/casting on for the third or fourth time a pair of socks for my other half. Of course I should knit them for me since he ends up warming my cold feet so often, but I want to keep his feet warm too and I have hand knit socks. I have changed my mind several times on what sock pattern to knit for him, but I finally decided on the Paired for Life by Elke Alexius. I had a false start because I decided to knit a different size after finishing a couple of rows of the foot. Had I been smart about it, I would have just gone back to the toe, but I like to be difficult and ripped the whole thing out. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope to finish (again) the toe and some of the foot. I had hoped to be finished with at least one sock by this point this week, but life happens sometimes. I have high hopes that I can get them done relatively soon so that I can get back to knitting on the shawl that I started over a year ago. I have been knitting so many socks that I need a break so I can work on something different. I am also itching to knit a sweater.

Hopefully I will have a better update in my next blog post and maybe even some pictures. I want to start posting regularly, hopefully once a week, but at least every two weeks. I want to be able to show how much work I am putting into my favorite crafts and talk more about new skills that I am learning. Till next time!

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A Slice of Knitting Heaven

20131019-222122.jpgWhat better way to spend a Friday evening, than a sleeping household, coffee, Netflix on my phone with earbuds in (sleeping household remember?) and finishing my Citron shawl? Not many better ways, that’s for sure and they all include my family and/or the addition of a glass of wine. I am a fairly monogamous knitter which makes binding off very bittersweet. On one hand, I have a beautiful, almost complete new addition to my wardrobe and on the other hand, I have no more knitting.
Do you remember The Fog sweater I knit for my husband a few years ago? No? Go back and and do a search on my blog for Fog. I finished it in Jan 2010. It is a lovely sweater. And thick. I’ve been threatening to frog it for months or longer. As soon as my sweet little guy goes to bed tomorrow, it will meet it’s fate. That means my no more knitting will be solved very soon.
In addition to knitting a new sweater, I have 3 socks worth of sock yarn to knit. After listening to Jasmine from the Knitmore Girls podcast talking about her sock drawer and seeing all the sock drawers posted on the Ravelry thread, I took a look at my own sock drawer. I have 2 pairs and Jim has 1. How is this possible? I am so jealous of all of everyone’s pretty hand knit socks. I need to purchase new needles for this because my smaller sets of needles met a terrible end. That’s the bad thing about wood needles. Two brand new pairs of wood needles snapped when the bag they were in got stepped on. I may have cried. I really would like to take the 52 pair plunge starting in January, but I don’t know if my yarn budget will allow me to purchase that much yarn. I may see what I can do. I have much to think about.

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What the heel?

The Nutkins pattern calls for a short row heel. Now it had been a few years since I’ve done a short row heel but I don’t remember it being like this. This could be poor memory on my part, but I don’t think so. I was a little confused on the very beginning of the heel. Thankfully I’m not the only person that has had this problem. Ok. Let me stop here real quick and give my two cents. I read a few posts where people said that this a poorly written pattern. I have to disagree. I don’t believe that it is written clearly, but written poorly seems harsh to me. Maybe I’m just not that frustrated yet! I may figure out which heel it was I used last time and rip back. This one seems to make holes, but I am probably doing something wrong. *sigh*


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Morning person vs morning knitter

I am by no means a morning person. I have become more of a morning person the last year or so because I have a toddler and am forced into being awake early every day so that I can do basic things like shower before little man wakes up. I have found this week that I am, however, a morning knitter. I love it. I woke up bright and early before the guys woke up on Friday so I could work on the Irish Hiking Scarf. I failed miserably today at getting up before 7:30, but I still had time before everyone was awake and could enjoy that time. I don’t know why, but before the household is awake, I don’t have so many distractions. The normal excuses that tend to make apparently are still asleep. Maybe it is just because I enjoy having some uninterrupted time with my two favorite guys. I like my new discovery. I hope to get up early in the morning and finish the last foot on the Irish hiking scarf! Here’s some Instagram scarf love:


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Easter weekend

Well today marks 2 years since my oldest stepson passed away. As with everything else, it seems like just yesterday and at the same time like it was forever ago. We made it through the day, it seemed like everything reminded me of him more today than on normal days. I think we all managed to hold it together, though I will say I had to choke back tears several times. James, we will always miss you.

On a lighter note, I finished chart C of the bitterroot shawl today. I wish I had longer size 6 (I think that’s what I am using) needles because I can’t stretch it out completely so you can see the pretty pattern just yet. I am going to attempt to add pictures to this post so if I am able to, it’s the purple shawl. I have 55 rows left to go and this project will basically be done. So far my thoughts on the shawl:
1- the pattern is super easy to memorize. I only really have to look at my first several stitches of the pattern rows.
2-the cast on/set up rows were different for me, but once I got them done, I really love the way they turned out looking.
3- I will only use long, sharp needles for lace from now on. These needles SUCK!
4- knitting lace while tired is not so bright.
5- I am understanding more and more about how lace works. I mean I can follow a pattern, but the actual construction makes way more sense.
6- I absolutely love KnitPicks Shadow yarn. Beautiful to touch, look at and knit with.

On the non shawl front, I frogged my Hermione socks. I don’t remember if I blogged that last time, but I did, I’ve decided on doing them over with an afterthought heel. The only real reason is that I ended up messed up in the pattern before. Two reasons for this. First I am pretty sure I misread the pattern somewhere along the way and second, I think I took too long making the heel flap and all that I kind of lost where I was at and then I tried to fix what wasn’t broken. I ended up one stitch short and I have NO earthly idea where it went. I didn’t see any place I had lost the stitch. With all the tiny mistakes that no one would ever notice plus a missing stitch, frogging soon ensued. It was freeing to frog something that had given me so much grief. I don’t blame the pattern, although I do question one row in the pattern. Maybe I just read it wrong. Oh well.

Speaking of socks, I found some lovely bright yellow yarn about a year or so ago that I fell in love with but didn’t buy at the time. The LYS that carried it went out of business before I could make a trip back and buy it. I didn’t even remember the brand, just the beautiful color. Well last weekend my best friend, Jessica, her 2 kids, her mom and I went to their local fabric store, The Rabbits Lair, which now carries yarn. I was petting the Malabrigo (I think I spelled that wrong) and turned to a shelf that had sock yarns. There it was. The lovely yellow yarn. It’s a neon color, with bits of orange and green. Very citrus. So I now have me a skein. By the way it it Trekking XXL. I fought with whether or not I should buy it, but eventually it came come! :0) I haven’t picked out the pattern, but they are probably going to be toe up.

More to come later. I am hoping to get a good portion of the chart E done today, but make no promises! Happy Easter!




Some designing

I am in the mood to do some design work. The biggest problem is I font know what it is I am wanting to design. I wish I had some stitch dictionaries. That would be helpful right about now. Just one more thing for the wishlist. Anyway I was looking at a lovely pattern by Kristin Ohmdal that I love. It is a mobius wrap called. Unfortunately I am not a crocheter so I will not be making this any time soon. I am sure I could do it if I really wanted to, but I just don’t because it is crochet. It did make me thing about knitting something similar and that led to me wanting to design something. Oh well there is more to it than that. Her blog has a lovely fan and feather at the top of the page. I love knitting fan and feather. I just might have to find something to incorporate a fan and feather pattern into. I have some ideas ranging from more classic looking designs to more funky art pieces. I wish I could take a picture of the pieces I see in my mind. That would be helpful. I need to work on my drawing since that would be helpful too.
As far as spinning is concerned, well I haven’t been doing much lately. I want to badly, but I haven’t. I have some lovely fiber given to me by a friend that is waiting patiently for me to pull my wheel infront of my chair. I just really want to work on this design a bit first. Tough sketches and stuff. I did get out my drop spindle the other day and spun up a sample from my PhatFiber box. It is a sample from Plum Crazy Ranch. The color at first wasn’t anything that struck me as special. It was pretty, but just didn’t jump out and scream gorgeous until I got it on the spindle. Now I am in love. I played with it a bit, seeing how it looked thicker and thinner and all. I will have to order some later but it will wait a bit.
I should be getting a car this weekend. I am nervous about it. I haven’t had my own car since 2007. Greenwise I don’t want a car. Both earth and pocketbook. However at this point it really will be cheaper and better for us to have two. We will be spending the same amount or less in gas, I will be able to get a job which means even though we will have insurance on two cars, I will be able to make money. So yeah. A car it is. The guy is letting us pay half now and half next month. I am happy and nervous. Jim says he is going to paint it, but we don’t have a place for him to paint it so I don’t know how that’s going to happen. I wish we could buy a small house on a couple acres and have a big shed that we could turn into a paint booth and have alpacas too! Maybe someday. Oh and I want a pool. :0)