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My last day at work is Friday. I will be staying home, for at least a couple months and spinning full time. That and doing other housewife type things and school. I am so ready. This past week has been so hectic for me. I feel like I have not had anytime to myself at all. I now have the internet at my house though so when I have class or am ready to list something, I don’t have to run to Starbucks or the library. This is already going to be a huge time saver.

Knitting: Like I said I am running on empty this week. Well Saturday I decided to take some time for myself. It has been cold here lately and I decided that if I had the right needles, then I would start a hat for myelf. I found one immediately that I liked and just so happened to have yarn and needles to knit it! I chose the Meret Beret by Woolly Wormhead. I sat down and knitted the brim in a medium. I quickly realized that this was going to be WAY too big for me, even though I measured my head and should have been closer to a large. So I ripped it out and left to run some errands. I was supposed to pick my husband up at noon but he ended up having to work late and didn’t know when he would get off, so I decided to wait until I found out to cast back on. So his phone died and he got a ride home. I could have started it MUCH earlier in the day. No big deal. I started it around 3 and finished by 11:30. This was not without interruptions and I was watching TV. But I didn’t have to tink back more than just a few stitches. This pattern was truly a joy to knit. It was not difficult, although I did try to add a couple of YOs where they didn’t belong and I forgot one time to pass the slip stitch over on the SK2PO. No big deal. It was an easy fix. I am glad that I noticed what the problem was, because my count was off! This is yet another project where stitch markers are so handy. I suggest them for any pattern that has a repeating pattern or lots of stitches. It is so much easier to count to 13, like in this pattern, at each repeat, than to realize at the end of the row when you should have 90 or whatever, that the very first repeat was off 1 little stitch. It can be such a time saver.  I will post a phone from my phone later because WordPress won’t seem to let me post it from this computer. I don’t know why. Also I sent my mother a picture of my finished beret and she now wants one and a matching scarf. The beret will be no problem. I need to work on the design for the scarf a little bit, but I should be able to start the scarf just as soon as I buy yarn this weekend. I am excited about designing a scarf to compliment someone else’s design. I am not really looking forward to knitting a scarf, but I am excited to be making something for my mom.

Spinning: I only got to spin for a little bit this week. I spent to much time running errands and everything that I couldn’t be in front of the wheel. And Saturday I needed to knit, not spin. I love spinning and it is relaxing, but not like knitting is for me. Maybe because I have been knitting longer and feel like I am better at it. Maybe it is because I can curl up on the couch with a blankie on my lap, my legs tucked under me, and the dog snuggled. Either way, it is more relaxing for me and that was what I needed. I will be spending time this week, as I get time, spinning. I want to finish up the blue/purple that I have been spinning for a while. I will take a picture tonight and give you a sneak peek of it. I am finding it difficult to stay focused on it because I love the colors so much I want to stop every 2 minutes just to admire it. I am still deciding on Navajo plying or basic 2 ply. As soon as I am done with this bobbin, I am going to do a little sample of both and see which I like better. I kind of want this to be sock yarn, so I am thinking Navajo would be better since it would be thicker and rounder, but I am just not great at Navajo plying. Well the last time I tried I did a lot better, but I don’t know if I want to mess this stuff up. Anyway, I will decide after I get my sample worked up.

Other fiber related: I am in the mood to cross stitch. I may have to see if I can find some fabric to cross stitch on here in town. I think my Q Snap or whatever it is called is in Arkansas. I may have to go buy another one.