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Working Spinning Wheel!

At some point in the last two years, my monster sweet darling, adorable, tiny, innocent little boy decided to take my wheel for a spin. He stood on it and bent the rod that holds the treadles in place. I have always had issues with the rod walking its way out of place but after my son decided to ride on it, it has been near impossible to use. I decided then that I needed to just wait until I could come up with a good fix for it or buy a new wheel entirely. Yesterday we made a family trip to Lowe’s. My hubby needed to pick up some pvc to make fishing rod holders for his kayak and I decided that we would search for the right thing to replace the rod. I should mention that I tried cotter pins, but they walked themselves out just about as fast as the rod did. I finally found the fix. I purchased a 3 foot length of threaded metal rod. Basically it is like a screw without a head on it. I just cut a foot off of it and it works perfect!

I realize that it has been a little over 6 months since I last posted. I have had a lot of things happen in that time. Quick update. My dad passed away December 16, which was just a few days after my last blog post. I miss him very much. Some day I am going to make a big long post of memories with him, happy thoughts, and all that, but I am not there yet.

We also decided to purchase a house here in Hot Springs Village! I love our house. We have a neighbor right next door and beyond that, we are surrounded by woods. We are really settling in the area. I am starting to meet more people and making new friends. I still miss all my NWA people, but I do love it here. We are talking about converting a good chunk of our garage into an art studio/wood shop plus we have an office as well. We have also added to our family. We knew someone who had a kitty that needed a home so we brought home Lily the day before we moved into our new house. A week later we found out she was pregnant. We are now outnumbered by animals. She had two babies, a boy that I named Sebastian and a girl I named Daphne. We are keeping both.

In all the craziness of things going on lately, I haven’t made much time for knitting or anything. I have finished a shawl, save for blocking. I also have a cat toy to bind off and stuff. I have completed an entire pair of socks plus another sock that I will be casting on the second sock very soon. Since this is a lot of updates, I am going take some time over the next week or so to go into more details on things. For now I will leave you with a picture of a pair of completed socks for my husband and a sock that I started for my son. I have not finished the kiddo socks yet.

Sock family
Sock family
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Staying awake

I really should be knitting, since there is pretty much no more work for the evening, but I am blogging instead. Enjoy.

I guess I will start off with knitting since it is quick and if you are just reading for the knitting, you can skip the bulk of this post. I forgot that I haven’t blogged in a week! So my knitting date with Jessica, Bethany, and Rachael was wonderful. I am so blessed to be able to call these ladies my friends and even more so that they all knit. I think that we are all probably at different levels of knitting. Bethany and I have both been knitting and spinning for a while. Jessica is fairly new to knitting and I believe that Rachael may be as well, but you can’t tell in their workmanship. Anyway we had a wonderful time drinking coffee, knitting, and talking. I guess we weren’t all knitting. Bethany was stationed at her wheel which REALLY made me miss my wheel.  Plans are in place to get the rest of our stuff from Georgia (hopefully). Since I had finished the Bitterroot Shawl the evening before (which STILL hasn’t been blocked), I had casted on (again) the Hermione socks. I didn’t get a whole lot knitted, but I did get some. I haven’t worked on them much since then. The first sock is a hair over 5 inches long (oddly about the exact size of the baby growing in my belly!) and hasn’t seen any progress in the last 2 days anyway. Or maybe 3. I did find several repeats in that I somehow read the chart upside down. I don’t know how I did it, because I have never done that before, but I did. Oh well. No big deal. It is just now the upside down hermione sock. I think it will be just fine.  In other fiber related news I found a link for some sewn cloth diapers. I am only thinking that I will risk making the actual pre-folds, but we will see. I don’t think I am advanced enough to make an actual diaper that will fit! But that is pretty much all my fiber related stuff for today. I need to change that for my next post so it will be a little more interesting! I will probably not add any pictures of the hermione socks at this point. You will know if I change my mind.

So this week my husband and I decided that we are pretty well unhappy with our current residence. We love the apartment, but hate it too. Let me explain. We live in a college town, and live fairly close to the college. Our apartment is a little on the nicer side and we figured that would probably keep some of the college kids away. Wow. That makes me sound SOOOO old. I do not generally despise college kids. I know several and in general have no problems with them, however I would not choose to live in a college dorm and was not expecting my apartment to be basically a dorm. The first week we lived there was amazing. It was quiet and besides the fact that we live on the 4th floor and at the end of a very long hallway, I had no major complaints, and we have an elevator so I don’t even have to deal with stairs 10,000 times a day. Well we moved in the Friday before Spring Break. So now that Spring Break is over, the parking lots are full and I can hear people walking down the halls and opening/closing doors. Nothing major. I can live with that. Well the closer we get to summer, the more problems we are having. Trash has been a major issue. Pizza boxes, drinks, general trash in the elevators, hallways and “dog park”. Oh and speaking of dog park, apparently I am one of the few responsible pet parents. Someone who has a VERY large dog does NOT clean up after their animal. I have a Yorkie. Her poo is tiny, think tootsie rolls. Granted I wouldn’t want to clean up after a horse either, but that is part of it and they even provide bags and a trash can. Keep in mind I am pregnant. The smell of the “pet park” would normally make me gag, but now its 10 times worse. That I can deal with. I pick up other peoples trash and deal with it, no matter how much I hate it, so that I don’t have to live in filth. I don’t pay the amount of money that we pay in rent (it really isn’t that much but still) to have trash every where. The biggest complaint that I have been having lately is very interesting to me. The doors to our apartments are inside. We have hallways that look similar to a hotel. Pretty much you can hear what goes on inside of apartments in the hallway. This does not work the otherway. Aside from being able to hear doors and heavy footsteps, sound does not travel into our apartment. I like this. A lot. However all the sounds outside are a totally different story. I get home a little after 12:30 in the morning. People should not be outside yelling and carrying on at midnight. There is just no sense in that. This has been a reoccuring thing and it is different people all the time. That being said, when people are having parties in their apartments and you walk by, you can hear them. Loudly. I am still not sure what exactly was going on at the party one down and across the hall from me, but I heard some talk in the hallway that pretty much secured the fact that my 14 year old stepson does NOT need to be walking around this place. My husband feels the same. The last major thing that I have an issue with is the fact that the dog area is not lit at night. I get off work at midnight and when I get home I take my dog out. I feel that with all the cute little college girls around, a dark dog park is probably not the safest place for me to be at 1 AM. I have seen these girls laying out by the pool. They wear next to nothing and none of them are under 5’7 and probably weigh 130 lbs (another reason my stepson does NOT need to hang out by himself) and while I am neither tall nor skinny, I still don’t want to get mistaken for some cute college girl and get attacked. Really I don’t want them to get attacked either, but still! Anyway all of this has sparked the need to find a different place. And we would like someplace cheaper. While we make enough to live where we live, we do have a baby on the way and have things that we need and want and would like to be able to get. So we have found a duplex that we are thinking of moving to. We would be giving up quite a bit of room, but I think that what we will be trading will be good. I will miss my pretty apartment. We have 14 ft ceilings and such, but I would still rather have a “dumpy” place and have enough to keep my phone on all the time. Hopefully more updates on that later!

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I have started Wicked. I am done with the collar and part of the shoulders. It is coming along nicely. Almost to a point to put the sleeve openings on waste yarn! Should have that done by Thursday, anyway. Since we have been moving and all I haven’t had as much time to knit as I would like to have, but even with just 5 minutes here and there it is still growing. This is my first project knit continental. I just learned how to do it. I am excited. It is something that I have wanted to learn for a long time, but have never understood how to wrap the yarn. It is way easier than I thought it was going to be. Of course since I have knit for so long the other way, when I pick up the yarn it automatically wraps around my right fingers without thinking. But not a single stitch has been knit that wasn’t continental. : )
I got the wool in for DH sweater on Thursday. I am still looking for the perfect pattern, but since we just moved, I can’t find any of my patterns or books. I know they will turn up soon. We have like 10 boxes of books and I am sure that they are mixed in with non knitting books. He is supposed to sand down the bookcase today so that it will be ready to paint next weekend. Then we will be able to unpack all of our books. My bookcase upstairs in our bedroom is just waiting to be filled with knitting books!
The house is starting to look good. We don’t have a lot of decortive items at this point, but it is looking good anyway. The bedroom looks nice, thanks to DH. He worked very hard yesterday getting the master bed and bath set up while I was at work. I still have to wash our comforter so I can put the duvet cover on, but that requires knowing where it is! That will really set it off. The living room is kind of bare. We have the small sectional couch down there with a rug borrowed from my mom. There is a picture on the fireplace that is holding the spot where the flat tv will go once I have enough saved for it…Maybe by Christmas….. And of course the cat jungle. The giant fake plant (named Gordon by my father years ago) that Jack has decided is his little kitty paradise. We got our new kitchen table all put together. When we were asked if we wanted to pay them to put it together, DH asked if was going to be a difficult process. “Just 3 or 4 screws” is what she said to me. There are more than that in each chair leg. 3 hours after we started putting it together, it was done. It is so beautiful. I am very excited to be in a home that I can be proud of. It isn’t huge but it is very nice. After the places that I have been living, it is even nicer!
Knitting/crochet projects that I am wanting to work on:
1)Wicked (started)
2)Odessa (have yarn for this)
3)Sweater for DH (have yarn for this)
4)Sweater for Mom
5) Harry Potter scarves (maybe) for my stepsons
6)Circle to squares afghan
7)Fireside afghan in black/red for our bed
8)cabled afghan for MIL (if time permits before we go to Georia)(have yarn for this)
9)Christmas stockings at least for DH and I. Boys too if time permits.