If you want to destroy my sweater

I knit a sweater for Jim a long time ago. It was the Fog sweater. It is lovely. It is going to be scrapped. It isn’t that he doesn’t like it, it is just that it is heavy. Extremely heavy. Think 20 lb sweater. That may be an exaggeration, but not by much. Needless to say since we live in the relative south (south of the Mason/Dixon line, but not by much) we don’t have really cold weather here. So I have 30 lbs of Cascade Eco Wool hanging out in lovely Fog form waiting to be something different. I have decided to take this opportunity and knit my own design. I haven’t completely decided what just yet, but I do know that I will be knitting something other than a pullover because this yarn is so heavy, I feel like it will get more use if it is not a pullover. I am also toying with the idea of trying steeking.

I really haven’t had anything on the needles. Between baby, work and moving, I just haven’t made the time. My February shawl is in time out. Yes, it is April, but I obviously am not going to get a dozen shawls in. I didn’t run a lifeline, so I have to actually tink back two rows in lace. Ug. One day when I have had plenty of sleep and have peace and quiet (does this exist when you have a 6 month old?) I will go back and fix it.

I have made a tiny bit of time to spin. I finished spinning the fiber that I got at the Knit Wits Christmas Party and I LOVE it. I think that I am going to leave the singles as is instead of plying them. I plied up a small amount and was not happy with how it looked plied. I don’t really have plans for the yarn yet. I would like to do socks, but I am iffy about doing socks out of singles. They need a little more stable yarn, don’t they? It would make gorgeous socks though so I don’t know. Once I get the other bobbin washed and set, I will decide what they are destined to be. It makes me want to spin more, but I am lacking in the fiber department.

So as I mentioned before, we move (again). We found a 3 bedroom duplex 5 miles from my work. We LOVE it. It may not be a live here forever kind of place, but I think that we will probably be there for at least the next 3 years. We have plenty of room and it isn’t gross. Most importantly or maybe just a major perk, my best friend lives 3 streets over. Plus my friend Emily lives very close by¬†too. Both of whom knit. ūüôā Yes this is one very happy knitter right here. I can’t explain how much being around someone who knits makes me want to knit even more. Add the mass amounts of knitting podcasts I have been listening to. *sigh* I need to buy more yarn.

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Reunited and it feels so good

Ok so maybe not the exact meaning that Peaches & Herb was going for, but still. My wheel is back! My darling husband and stepson left my house Friday at 6PM and drove¬†to GA (800 miles one way), loaded the entire back of my father’s pickup and made it back a little after 2 Sunday morning. Our house actually looks like a house.¬†Well¬†it will once I finish cleaning up the wreckage!¬†Some of¬†¬†the treasures from the truck were my washer and dryer, spinning wheel, fiber/yarn, cat tower tree thingy, end tables, coffee table, nightstand, clothes, our bibles, books, movies, games, legal documents, and two VERY tired fellas. I did not sleep much more than they did. Yesterday was a whirlwind of laundry. I didn’t know if everything that came from GA was clean or not so I am washing it all, plus our regular laundry (minus the load I washed at my mom’s), 2 comforters, sheets, and blankets. We also bought some new blinds for the living room. We decided we need to “upgrade” all of our blinds from the cheapest mini blinds in the world that came in our duplex to the cheapest faux wood blinds we could find. We have cats. It’s a requirement. Besides they make the room look so much better and I am hoping that they will cut down on our electric bill.

I have a couple of projects that I want to get to knitting. I finished the first sock of my Ribbelmuster pair on Friday while watching Mona Lisa Smile and waiting for my darling husband to let me know when he was stopping to take a nap. I need to start on the second sock, but I am waiting until I fix the toe for the other Hermione Everyday Sock since I only have one pair of size 1 needles. I was planning on doing that yesterday but it just didn’t happen with everything else.

I have this lovely purple/gray yarn that I spun that I believe is going to be a scarf for me. I have two skeins of singles¬†and I can’t remember off the top of my head how many yards, but I think it longs to be a scarf. I also have a small ish amount of sock yarn left over from Jim’s socks and I think that Jonathan is going to get a hat out of it to match his daddy’s socks. I haven’t decided 100% that is what I am going to do with it, but I know I want to make him a hat to come home in so matching daddy would be cute.

Besides knitting, I have a couple of spinning projects that I want to get underway. I don’t have a whole ton of fiber or anything, but I want to use up some of the stuff that I do have. If nothing else I will just experiment with different techniques. We were watching Men in Black last night and I got out my spindle and spindle spun some of my blue/purple bamboo/merino fiber. I don’t remember if I had a plan for it or not, but I love this stuff. I want to get more. I kind of wish I had spun it as thicker singles and could make a shawl out of it. I don’t really think I have enough to do that but that is what I would like.

My friend Bethany has a drum carder. I think I am going to see if she will let me try it out with my alpaca fleece. She said I could. It is washed and all so it shouldn’t be too bad to process. I wish I had some silk to go with it. I do believe that it will be spun as a 2 ply laceweight (maybe) and dyed and made into a lovely shawl. Maybe I ought to dye it up before I run it through. That could be fun to play with the colors a bit too.

Oh on the baby front, I am almost out of my second trimester. Just 2 weeks left. And apparently I am having some blood sugar issues. I go to the doctor tomorrow to find out details. I had the quickie glucose test a week ago last Friday and had to have the 3 hour test Thursday. The phone rang this morning and she said I had to come in and have them show me how to use a glucometer and discuss diet. Blah. I don’t even eat that bad. As of my last appointment, I had only gained 9 lbs total (at 22 weeks I think?) Anyway it isn’t like I am going nuts on the sweets or anything. I do probably have more carbs than I should, but I like carbs. That is how I eat. Oh well we will see how tomorrow goes. Everything else with Jonathan seems to be going well. He kicks away and makes me smile. I was down right giggling earlier because he kept kicking me. I love it. I still wish I could sleep on my tummy. Soon. Very soon.

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Ribbelmuster Socks

Overall we had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We spent the vast majority of the weekend moving, so it wasn’t a perfect weekend. We did get to grill out in honor of my husband’s birthday. We are really liking our duplex. We have a yard with a shade tree in the front. We enjoyed sitting out on the front porch grilling and enjoying the gorgeous weather. I can’t wait until we can get in there and really clean. It looks like they vacuumed before we moved in and that is about all. I wish we would have had time to get in there before hand and really scrub and clean, but we got the keys less than 24 hours before we moved in and very short amount of time to get everything moved over. It made for a very exhausting weekend. And in case anyone ever asks, moving while pregnant is not easy. I felt like I was not helping at all. We also played games. Phase 10 Twist and Monopoly Deal. All in all a good weekend.

I got a good start on the Ribbelmuster Socks this weekend. I love the pattern. I hope that¬†I don’t cut the leg too short. I want to go ahead and start the heel but I want the socks to be¬†tall enough.¬†

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to¬† look through patterns for baby Jonathan yet. Hopefully we will have internet soon and maybe I will have more luck then. I want something special. I want to knit the perfect knit. Now if I can just figure out what that is. I know I want to knit a baby blanket. I just have to decide on the color and yarn so I can get a good start. I wouldn’t be against knitting more than one, but I also have promised a friend who is due in November that I would knit her something for her baby so I that means less time for blankies for my little boy! It still makes me happy. Either way I probably wouldn’t have time for more than one blankie.

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Staying awake

I really should be knitting, since there is pretty much no more work for the evening, but I am blogging instead. Enjoy.

I guess I will start off with knitting since it is quick and if you are just reading for the knitting, you can skip the bulk of this post. I forgot that I haven’t blogged¬†in a week! So my knitting date with Jessica, Bethany, and Rachael was wonderful.¬†I¬†am so blessed to be able to¬†call these¬†ladies my friends and even more so that they all knit. I think that we are all¬†probably at different levels¬†of knitting.¬†Bethany and I have both been knitting and¬†spinning for a while. Jessica is fairly¬†new to knitting and I believe that Rachael may be as well, but you can’t tell in their workmanship. Anyway we had a wonderful time drinking coffee, knitting,¬†and talking.¬†I guess we weren’t all knitting. Bethany¬†was stationed at her wheel which REALLY made me miss my wheel. ¬†Plans are in place to get the rest of our stuff from Georgia (hopefully). Since I had finished the Bitterroot Shawl the evening before (which STILL hasn’t been blocked), I had casted on (again) the Hermione socks. I didn’t get a whole lot knitted, but I did get some. I haven’t worked on them much since then. The first sock is a hair over 5 inches long (oddly about the exact size of the baby growing in my belly!) and hasn’t seen any progress in the last 2 days anyway. Or maybe 3. I did find several repeats in that I somehow read the chart upside down. I don’t know how I did it, because I have never done that before, but I did. Oh well. No big deal. It is just now the upside down hermione sock. I think it will be just fine.¬† In other fiber related news I found a link for some sewn cloth diapers. I am only thinking that I will risk making the actual pre-folds, but we will see. I don’t think I am advanced enough to make an actual diaper that will fit! But that is pretty much all my fiber related stuff for today. I need to change that for my next post so it will be a little more interesting! I will probably not add any pictures of the hermione socks at this point. You will know if I change my mind.

So this week my husband and I decided that we are pretty well unhappy with our current residence. We love the apartment, but hate it too. Let me explain. We live in a college town, and live fairly close to the college. Our apartment is a little on the nicer side and we figured that would probably keep some of the college kids away. Wow. That makes me sound SOOOO old. I do not generally despise college kids. I know several and in general have no problems with them, however I would not choose to live in a college dorm and was not expecting my apartment to be basically a dorm. The first week we lived there was amazing. It was quiet and besides the fact that we live on the 4th floor and at the end of a very long hallway, I had no major complaints, and we have an elevator so I don’t even have to deal with stairs 10,000 times a day. Well we moved in the Friday before Spring Break. So now that Spring Break is over, the parking lots are full and I can hear people walking down the halls and opening/closing doors. Nothing major. I can live with that. Well the closer we get to summer, the more problems we are having. Trash has been a major issue. Pizza boxes, drinks, general trash in the elevators, hallways and “dog park”. Oh and speaking of dog park, apparently I am one of the few responsible pet parents. Someone who has a VERY large dog does NOT clean up after their animal. I have a Yorkie. Her poo is tiny, think tootsie rolls. Granted I wouldn’t want to clean up after a horse either, but that is part of it and they even provide bags and a trash can. Keep in mind I am pregnant. The smell of the “pet park” would normally make me gag, but now its 10 times worse. That I can deal with. I pick up other peoples trash and deal with it, no matter how much I hate it, so that I don’t have to live in filth. I don’t pay the amount of money that we pay in rent (it really isn’t that much but still) to have trash every where. The biggest complaint that I have been having lately is very interesting to me. The doors to our apartments are inside. We have hallways that look similar to a hotel. Pretty much you can hear what goes on inside of apartments in the hallway. This does not work the otherway. Aside from being able to hear doors and heavy footsteps, sound does not travel into our apartment. I like this. A lot. However all the sounds outside are a totally different story. I get home a little after 12:30 in the morning. People should not be outside yelling and carrying on at midnight. There is just no sense in that. This has been a reoccuring thing and it is different people all the time. That being said, when people are having parties in their apartments and you walk by, you can hear them. Loudly. I am still not sure what exactly was going on at the party one down and across the hall from me, but I heard some talk in the hallway that pretty much secured the fact that my 14 year old stepson does NOT need to be walking around this place. My husband feels the same. The last major thing that I have an issue with is the fact that the dog area is not lit at night. I get off work at midnight and when I get home I take my dog out. I feel that with all the cute little college girls around, a dark dog park is probably not the safest place for me to be at 1 AM. I have seen these girls laying out by the pool. They wear next to nothing and none of them are under 5’7 and probably weigh 130 lbs (another reason my stepson does NOT need to hang out by himself) and while I am neither tall nor skinny, I still don’t want to get mistaken for some cute college girl and get attacked. Really I don’t want them to get attacked either, but still! Anyway all of this has sparked the need to find a different place. And we would like someplace cheaper. While we make enough to live where we live, we do have a baby on the way and have things that we need and want and would like to be able to get. So we have found a duplex that we are thinking of moving to. We would be giving up quite a bit of room, but I think that what we will be trading will be good. I will miss my pretty apartment. We have 14 ft ceilings and such, but I would still rather have a “dumpy” place and have enough to keep my phone on all the time. Hopefully more updates on that later!

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I am going to keep this post short because I am very tired, but I have to share what all is going on in my life right now. First the non knitting stuff. The big news in my life right now is that I am 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We are having a frog, well a baby, but you know how they start out looking like little tadpoles? Yeah our baby now has the nickname of Frog. There isn’t much to tell at this point, other than besides being exhausted all the time and VERY tender boobs, I’ve been symptom free. Very little nausea, no vomiting, no cravings, no food aversions, nothing. I am not rubbing this in even slightly. I am surprised and impressed. I fully believe that God knows I’m a wimp and that since I’m so weak, He had pity on me. I’ve had 2 ultrasounds and my baby is jumping around wiggling like crazy. Seeing that was almost as cool as hearing it’s heart beat at 7 weeks.
In addition to our new addition, we have moved. Does it seem like all I ever do is move, or is that just me? We decided a couple months ago that we were done with Georgia. There were lots of reasons, but ultimately what matters is we are back home. I am back with the company that I was with prior to Georgia and things are going to be a little easier soon money wise. I wish I was making double what I am making now, but I am just so thankful for what I do have now. We will be having to make a trip back to Georgia to get our stuff because most of our things had to be left for now. Including my spinning wheel, most of my yarn, and all my knitting books except one.
That being said, I obviously am not doing much spinning. I want a new wheel. Badly. Not that I have anything against my Babe, but I want either a Schaacht Matchless or whatever the name of that new one is. I’m drawing a blank. It’s a travel wheel. Maybe it’s not new, but I have only heard of it recently so if nothing else it’s new to me! Anyway I am itching for a new wheel bad. I miss spinning and I want to get serious about it again. Well really more than I was before, but I want to at least spend time doing it.
For knitting- I have actually been doing some knitting. I am working on the Bitterroot shawl (which I don’t know how to link via mobile) but it is I believe the Winter 2009 Knitty. Don’t hold me to that, but I think that’s the one. It is a Romi design. It’s beautiful. I am all the way through Chart A and am on chart B. I’ll post more on it another time along with pictures. The socks I have been working on have been frogged. I will also post on that later. It is storming bad here and we have no electricity, so I need to conserve battery on my phone. Ug. Hope it comes back on soon so our food doesn’t spoil that we bought today.

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You spin my wheel right round

Moving weekend! Woo hoo! My husband and I decided it was time for us to get our own place. There have been some issues with my father in law having Alzheimer’s and we just really need to have a place of our own. I am very excited about it because that means I get to have my own kitchen and we will have a lot more space. I am going to miss having most of the bills paid and having someone in the house all the time if I feel the need to talk to someone. Truth be told I do enjoy living here for the most part, but I am definitely ready to get into a place that we don’t have to worry about other people being there when we want time to ourselves.

Spinning & Dyeing: Well my work load has been really light this week. So light that I haven’t worked at all. I have had about 2 full days that I have had enough time to spin. I got about 5 oz spun up total. Not as much as I would have liked for having an entire week off, but I did have a ton of things I had to do besides spinning. I did however manage to get 4 oz of fiber dyed. Shades of green. Its pretty. I am thinking about adding just a tad more green to it. I wanted it to be a little darker than it came out. So once we get settled in our new place, I just might have to do a little green overdying. No promises though.

Knitting: I got my Wool of the Andes yarn in for the Meret that I am making for my mom, and the scarf I am designing to go with it. I haven’t started on it yet because I have wanted to spend as much time spinning so as I can. I plan on starting it tomorrow though, if we have time after we get everything moved over to the new apartment.