Renewed love for the Renewal Shawl

2017 was a year of socks for me. While I did not knit a year’s worth, that is pretty much all that I knit. 2018 will be a different story. I have several projects lined up. I am currently knitting on my Renewal that has been hanging out in my yarn bag while I have been knitting socks. There was a bar of soap in my knitting bag too, so it smells like soap. I can’t be the only person who has put strange things in their knitting bags, right?

Naturally the last row that I knit was off a stitch. I counted several times in a sleep deprived state and finally went back the next day and found where I was off and only had to tink back a handful of stitches! I have knit a few rows since and will be knitting on it again after I am done with this blog post.


I made a yarn purchase this weekend. I may have gone a bit crazy. It literally took me more than 24 hours to finalize the order, but it is done. I have quite a few items on my knitting agenda. There is the Morvarch by Lucy Hague, then Seashore by Isabell Kraemer, and Bigger on the inside by Kate Atherley. I have a few other things planned, but I haven’t made all my decisions yet. I purchased a few skeins of sock yarn as well so I am sure that there will be more sock knitting in my future. I am incredibly sad though. I had my heart set on a top and purchased the yarn for it. When I went to buy the pattern, I found out that it is not sold separately and I should have purchased the book at the same time. I just can’t justify spending more money and shipping for a book when I only want one pattern so I changed to Morvarch. I found another sweater that I am completely in love with, Nested by Alicia Plummer, but I just can’t justify spending more money on yarn right now. Lesson learned. Double check pattern availability before purchasing yarn for a project. It took me a whole other day to decide if I was going to spend another $20+ for a book that I only really want one pattern out of. I love knitting books so it wouldn’t have been a terrible thing, but I have other things I need to spend money on.

A happy thing happened. I was looking to see if I have any purple yarn to knit a friend at work a pair of fingerless mitts and while I don’t have anything purple, I did find two cones of lace weight that I forgot I had! So I will be planning something out of it very soon. I like little surprises like finding yarn I forgot that I had. I have to figure out yardage and then I will look to see what I can make out of it so I will update on it later and will hopefully have some pretty new yarn pictures as well.

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It has been a very long time…

Yarn Bowl
My beautiful yarn bowl

It has been a while since I have posted. A lot has happened in life. Unfortunately not much of that time has been spent doing anything crafty. Some, but not much. It is funny how life is sometimes. The good news is life has evened out quite a bit and I am making more time for things that I enjoy.

My ex-husband asked me a while back asking me for some new hand knit socks for work. I accepted the assignment and have (slowly) been knitting him socks. I don’t normally take this long to knit socks, but he wanted black socks. I mistakenly started out with a pattern that I know that he likes, but in black yarn it is extremely difficult to see the patterning as I am knitting. Add the splitty nature of the yarn and it means that I have to actually pay attention to what I am doing and no knitting in low light situations.

He wanted black socks so I went on the hunt for inexpensive but decent black yarn. This was a surprisingly difficult task. Not a lot of yarn brands have a black yarn in a sock weight, but I finally found some. I don’t hate the yarn but I am not in love with it either. Like I said, it is on the splitty side, but it has a nice feel to it, sturdy but soft. We will see how it actually holds up to wear. For the next set of socks I am probably going to use the same yarn but a different pattern and see if that helps any. I also was planning on knitting two at a time, but somehow forgot. Next time I will definitely knit them two at a time. Next time I may do a plain ribbed sock instead of the Gentleman’s Sock. It would cut down the time and frustrations with the black yarn. But since they aren’t for me, I will have to consult with him. At least they are finally completed.

I currently have the Renewal Shawl on the needles. Because I am a (mostly) monogamous knitter, I have painfully put it aside while I worked on the socks. It is currently sitting in my lovely yarn bowl. Y’all this yarn bowl is the most beautiful gift I have ever received. Not just because it is gorgeous, but because of the thought that went into it. It is probably the most meaningful gift I have ever received.

My wheel is in need of repair so I haven’t been spinning at all the last *ahem* year or so. I need a new drive band. So I am going to make one out of cotton yarn and we will see how that goes. Hopefully I will have a new blog post before too long with some new spinning.

I haven’t done much else crafty. I have some plans to get some sewing done eventually but it has not been a priority. Since my last blog post I have done a little but not much. I am planning on sewing a couple of weighted blankets. I would also like to sew a couple more project bags and maybe an apron. My mom and I did reupholster a chair and I have helped a small amount with some home improvement projects at my boyfriend’s house. Mostly I sit there and look pretty and keep him company, but I help where I can.

I have been reading a lot lately, but understand that this is a relative term. In the last several months, I have read a few very good books. Books that I have enjoyed:

  • Raven Black by Ann Cleeves
  • Doctor Who: Shada: The Lost Adventure by Douglas Adams by Gareth Roberts
  • In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

I have read a few others and enjoyed them as well, but not to the same extent so I am not even going to mention them. I am currently reading Outlander and am loving it. I highly recommend it. I am finding that I am too sleepy to read much, but again life happens sometimes.


Red Scarf Project

One of the blogs that I enjoy and read regularly is Now Norma Knits. Her post on August 5, really just jumped out at me. It is on the Red Scarf Project. I just so happen to have quite a bit of red yarn that has no current use and I am thinking about participating. I am going to bring it up to our little knitting group on Monday and see if anyone else would like to participate as well. In addition to this, well assuming that parenthood allows me for any knitting time whatsoever, I want to do some charity scarf/mitten knitting for the homeless. My next door neighbor works for the local shelter so it would be super convenient to just drop them off with her.

Besides the charity knitting bug, I was hit really hard this morning with the urge to knit some more shawls. I have a pattern than I am working on designing that has been mostly on the back burner and I think needs to be worked on soon. Maybe I will work on it this weekend if I get a chance. I need quiet and no interruptions while I am mulling it over, and over and over. I will update later on whether or not any progress is made on it. I should be knitting baby stuff!

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Hello 2011

Yes I understand that this is the 10th day of the month and I am just doing a 2011 post, but the new year snuck up on me fast and I really needed a little time to ponder what goal, wishes, and dreams I have for 2011. So far 2011 is not going quite as planned, however I did finally finish a knitting project last night! More on that in a bit.

How is my 2011 starting? Well lets start with the end of last year. I woke up at 2 AM on the 31st with my face all swollen up because of an abscess tooth. I have spent way more time finding a dentist and sleeping because of my tooth than I would really like to admit, but between an insurance change and dentist office’s being closed a bunch for the holidays, it has taken some time. Anyway they pulled what was left (the roots) of my tooth and I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would even despite the fact that I apparently don’t clot well and had to make a trip back. It is still tender, but I think I might live.

Some of you may remember that in October we had to move back in with my inlaws. We haven’t had a whole lot of luck with finishing the attic, but we have started on it. That being said, we live in the attic. There is this aweful staircase that leads up to our little 400 square foot bungalow. Yesterday I fell down said stair case. Not all the way but enough that I hurt my arm pretty bad and my rear end. All is fine. Nothing is broken (that I know of), I just can’t rest my elbow or forearm on anything without pain. Luckily this hasn’t affected my knitting much.

On to knitting.

I started a couple of Christmas presents before Christmas and I got one finished yesterday. Well sort of. It was a hat for my stepson, but my husband has kind of decided it is his, so I have to knit another one for Jacob. No problem though. Just need a tad more black yarn and I will be set. This was my first real color work project. I had some difficulty with the sizing because it seemed so big, but in the end, I went with the original size. It is still a little big, but the size that I went down to wouldn’t even fit on my head! LOL!

The other Christmas present kinda fell through. Started out because my dumb kitten decided to chew through the yarn while I was knitting. I didn’t even know she was doing it. She wasn’t down there but a second and I went to shoo her away from the yarn and it came out of her mouth in 2 pieces. Bad kitten. Anyway I didn’t complete it after said kitten attack because the recipient decided that she didn’t want a Christmas gift. So I guess the socks will be mine whenever I get back to knitting them. No biggie, but I would have chosen a different color if I known that and the yarn would have been less expensive. Whatever.

Since I am not really in the mood to try mess with the socks right now but am really itching to knit my pretty purple laceweight, the search is on for a pretty lace pattern that this yarn is mean to become. On that note I am off in search of the perfect pattern. Pictures to come a little later.


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I have started Wicked. I am done with the collar and part of the shoulders. It is coming along nicely. Almost to a point to put the sleeve openings on waste yarn! Should have that done by Thursday, anyway. Since we have been moving and all I haven’t had as much time to knit as I would like to have, but even with just 5 minutes here and there it is still growing. This is my first project knit continental. I just learned how to do it. I am excited. It is something that I have wanted to learn for a long time, but have never understood how to wrap the yarn. It is way easier than I thought it was going to be. Of course since I have knit for so long the other way, when I pick up the yarn it automatically wraps around my right fingers without thinking. But not a single stitch has been knit that wasn’t continental. : )
I got the wool in for DH sweater on Thursday. I am still looking for the perfect pattern, but since we just moved, I can’t find any of my patterns or books. I know they will turn up soon. We have like 10 boxes of books and I am sure that they are mixed in with non knitting books. He is supposed to sand down the bookcase today so that it will be ready to paint next weekend. Then we will be able to unpack all of our books. My bookcase upstairs in our bedroom is just waiting to be filled with knitting books!
The house is starting to look good. We don’t have a lot of decortive items at this point, but it is looking good anyway. The bedroom looks nice, thanks to DH. He worked very hard yesterday getting the master bed and bath set up while I was at work. I still have to wash our comforter so I can put the duvet cover on, but that requires knowing where it is! That will really set it off. The living room is kind of bare. We have the small sectional couch down there with a rug borrowed from my mom. There is a picture on the fireplace that is holding the spot where the flat tv will go once I have enough saved for it…Maybe by Christmas….. And of course the cat jungle. The giant fake plant (named Gordon by my father years ago) that Jack has decided is his little kitty paradise. We got our new kitchen table all put together. When we were asked if we wanted to pay them to put it together, DH asked if was going to be a difficult process. “Just 3 or 4 screws” is what she said to me. There are more than that in each chair leg. 3 hours after we started putting it together, it was done. It is so beautiful. I am very excited to be in a home that I can be proud of. It isn’t huge but it is very nice. After the places that I have been living, it is even nicer!
Knitting/crochet projects that I am wanting to work on:
1)Wicked (started)
2)Odessa (have yarn for this)
3)Sweater for DH (have yarn for this)
4)Sweater for Mom
5) Harry Potter scarves (maybe) for my stepsons
6)Circle to squares afghan
7)Fireside afghan in black/red for our bed
8)cabled afghan for MIL (if time permits before we go to Georia)(have yarn for this)
9)Christmas stockings at least for DH and I. Boys too if time permits.