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FO: Irish hiking scarf!

I have been knitting on the Irish Hiking Scarf for at least since the beginning of the year, so it took me about 23 days to finish. I’ll spare the math on how many actual minutes it took me to complete and what the rate of knitting was but really that is more because I don’t know the actual row count/length of the scarf and I’m really sleepy so math would be bad now. Instead, I will post a lovely finished object picture and call it a night! Happy knitting!



Still going strong

Well strong may be a bit of an overstatement, but it is now 15 days into the new year and I am still keeping up to my knitting every day. There has been more than one day where I have only knit a row or two, so progress is still slow, but its something. I also want to spin at least once a week, but so far that hasn’t happened. I may have to spend time making up for it soon and start spinning at least during Jonathan’s nap on Saturdays. He is at a far too grabby age to spin with him awake in the room. My wheel can’t even be stored in the living room right now. I’m hoping that before too long it will be able to move back into the living room with the family where it belongs.
I really want to get back into selling my handspan on Etsy, but I have almost no inventory so I suppose I need to remedy that. I have a lovely batt from Dawning Dreams that is just waiting to be made into some beautiful yarn. Dawn is a very lovely lady in Oklahoma, that I met at the Fiber Christmas in July. She was a very delightful person to talk to and I pretty much fell completely in love with her batts. She’s one of those people that I wish I live closer to because I’d love to have time to spin with her and pick her brain on batt making. Honestly I don’t know when of have time to do it, when I am struggling some nights to knit a single row and have almost no time for spinning. I am remedying that though. I’d take a drop spindle to work but I don’t really take breaks other than to get coffee or go to the bathroom, and my lunch is spent eating lunch. I am not sure where else I have time in my day, but I will do some investigating. I will post some pictures soon, but until I get some taken, you can have a picture of my sock bun curls:


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What to knit?

Well I frogged the herringbone rib socks last night. I really enjoy the pattern and I am going to find some yarn later to try to knit these again because I think they will make very lovely socks. Until I do get the right sock yarn, I am going to knit other things. I am thinking of starting a shrug tonight, but I haven decided just yet. I really need to work on the scarf I am knitting for my mom, but I really don’t like knitting scarves. I just get bored with them. I feel like they go on forever and I never make any progress. I’m also not real happy with the pattern, although my mom says she likes it. I am hoping that when it is blocked it will look better. It has a seed stitch edge on it that wants to fold to the back which is really irritating me. So I guess I will just finish it and keep my fingers crossed while blocking!