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Sneak peek!

Just a quick update on the Sidelines Top. All the main pieces are finished and the shoulders are seamed. Some sweet little boy didn’t want to let mommy seam by herself, so the rest will have to wait until nap time before I put the sleeves in and then finish seaming and then crochet (eek!) the edging. I will post another picture after it is done and blocked, but for now here is a shoulder seam going in.



Sidelines top update

I am almost done with my Sidelines top. I finished the front and one sleeve in the last week and cast on the final sleeve. All I will have left is to seam it! I was hoping to have it done before today but I haven’t done as much knitting as I should be. But I am now officially a stay at home mom so now maybe I can have a tiny bit more time to knit. I got my knitting out during naptime yesterday but Pinterest sucked me in. I was looking for foods that I could send with DH that don’t need to be heated or refrigerated, so I wasn’t just wasting time. Today’s naptime will be spent knitting after my shower. Here is what I have so far of the sidelines. Because of the shaping and all the stockinette, it looks horribly misshapen, but one it is seamed and I do the edging, it will look good it think.