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Well I hate to say I wasn’t able to make it to Stitches South. It killed me to make the decision (like I literally cried on and off for 2 hours but I am a cry baby) but when it came down to it, there was other things that I needed to spend the gas money on. We had to buy new tires a couple weeks back and it pretty much screwed us up completely financially. We have been making it by, but with very little wiggle room. This week was no different and since I am looking for a job too, I thought it might be a good idea to keep hold of that last $20 and have gas if I need it this week. Plus the cat needed kitty litter really badly. So I am going to set up a jar as soon as I get a job and start saving for next year. And for SAFF, because I really, REALLY want to go to it this year. I am hoping that maybe next year I can go to SOAR, but that would be a ton of money for me to get there, so we will see. I am definitely not going to jump the gun on that one. I am still really bummed about not getting to go to Stitches. There were a bunch of people I was looking forward to getting to meet. Darn responsibilities. Oh well. We should be out of this slump in the next month and things will be a lot better.

On the spinning front, I have had the pink singles hanging out on the bobbins for a while now and I decided to finally start to ply them up. Well I really like them as singles, but I think that they would just be way to unmanageable as singles. I spun them to be plied so they are slightly over spun anyway. Plied they are about 17 WPI. Singles they are about 29 or something like that. Might be a little smaller than I want to knit! LOL! I don’t have many smaller sized needles anyway.

As for knitting news, well I don’t have much. I have some things that I would like to knit, mostly shawls right now. I need to get some yarn to knit the baby sweater for baby Ella who should be born in just a few days, but there just isn’t a budget for it right this moment. Soon. I won’t get to see her for a while anyway. Plus I think I am going to knit it in 6 month size so she won’t be able to wear it for a while anyway. I want to knit me some socks. I would love to knit something for my mommy for mothers day, but time is running out! LOL! Maybe I will have enough of this pink yarn to knit her some socks…… Hmmmm…

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Stitches South

Well Stitches South started today. I don’t get to go until Saturday. I wish I could be there every day, but there is just no way we can afford a hotel stay. I’m barely going to have the gas to get to Atlanta and back, but I am going to do it! Hopefully nothing changes between now and Saturday. I am so excited to be taking a class. I decided to take the spinning to knit class, or whatever it is called. I took a beginner spindle class when I first started spinning, but I want to take a class now that I know my way around a spindle and wheel pretty well, mostly to find ways to improve. This class is mainly a spindle class, which means I won’t need to take my wheel, but I am hoping that I will be able to transfer anything that I learn to my wheel, too. I might take my wheel and leave it in the Jeep just in case I decide I want to use it. I haven’t decided yet. I am so excited to be going!