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Almost Finished Sweater

I apologize that I haven’t been posting lately, but I have had a lot of non knitting things going on that I will save for later.
I have finally finished (almost) the Bethel Woods Cardigan by Lion Brand. I am going to install a zipper and I haven’t blocked it yet, but otherwise everything else is complete on the sweater. I haven’t taken pictures of it completed yet, but I plan on doing so soon and will take pictures soon. I am now tasked with what to cast on next. I have so many things that I want to knit, but it seems like I have the hardest time making a decision on what I actually want to knit. I have enough of the Cascade Eco Wool left over from the Bethel Woods Cardigan to knit a sweater for my son, I think. Wouldn’t father son sweaters be adorable? Maybe a different pattern, but similar. It is definitely something to think about. I think I will cast on some more socks, at least until I can come up with something else. I may have to spend a day or two on Ravelry. Oh darn! 😉

What is everyone else working on? I love seeing other people’s projects.

For now, here is a knitting, reading, drinking coffee, and playing outdoors picture. Life is good.


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Spring, where are you?

We have officially made it to spring. Unfortunately the weather seems to keep forgetting that it is no longer winter. Here in NW Arkansas, we will have a couple of days of nice weather followed by almost freezing again. My solution? Finish knitting the sweater for my husband. That has to make the temperatures start rising, right?

The main body of the sweater is finished and I have cast on one of the sleeves. I am happy with the way the pieces are looking so far. I do feel that the sleeves would have been better to have been knit in the round, but I chose to follow the directions and leave them knit flat. I am sure that this will make attaching them to the body easier. I haven’t been making enough time to knit lately. Shame on me, but that gives me something to work on.

20140324-112059.jpg This is what my evenings have been looking like lately. Staying up later than I should while knitting and watching classic Doctor Who.

My husband and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. The weekend before, we went out to a nice dinner with our little fella and bought a couple of movies to watch at home. We also had wine and strawberries and chocolate while watching the movies. And of course I had my knitting!


Finished Projects · knitting

No second Sock Syndrome here!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and general holiday season. I love Christmas, but with a toddler, this year it was slightly stressful for me. We managed to only have a few ornament casualties and we didn’t put out presents until the evening of Christmas Eve. I finally finished knitting the second sock in the pair I was knitting. All that’s left is weaving ends. I think I may have to do that today.

I haven’t been doing much other knitting lately because I have been letting life get in the way. Honestly my stress levels go up drastically when I don’t knit that it makes me not feel like knitting and then we end up in this vicious cycle that sadly doesn’t involve knitting. No worries, I have several projects being planned out right now. I did start knitting on the Bethel Woods Cardigan for mg hubby again this week. I am still not completely sure that I am comfortable with this while uneven number of stitches in a 2X2 rib, but whatever. I am hoping that I don’t end up with some weird seam trying to hide extra columns of stitches. The Lionbrand site says that the pattern is completely up to date and I haven’t found any other posts of people having an issue, so either they are making a different size that has even numbers of stitches or I’m just crazy. I’ll knit it like the pattern says but I am not going to like it! Lol! If I get it finished and it looks funky, I’m ripping it out and knitting it in one piece. I’ll update more on that as I make more progress. Hopefully it won’t involve ripping things out.
I am wanting to start spinning more, but I am running into issues with my wheel and children. I still haven’t fixed my wheel from the last time my child broke it (no permanent damage, just loosened the nut holding the actual part that turns the wheel) and now I watch another child during the day, so I can’t always be in one room and I don’t trust either of them near it, even though she is older. Right now it is hidden in my storage closet which the kids aren’t allowed to get in to. It makes me so sad to have it locked away, but I don’t want it broken more permanently. I need to work on my schedule so that I can work more on things that I want to work on.
Speaking on scheduling, I am spending a lot of my time trying to learn a new skill (non fiber arts related). I’m one of those people who want to do it all, but I have had to sit down and look at life realistically. If something were to happen to my husband or he decided that he wanted to retire one day, I’m not in a very good position to jump into a career. I don’t have a ton of formal schooling and while I have a lot of experience in data entry and customer service, It isn’t my first choice of ways to spend my life. I’d love to write, but I don’t think I have the drive to do that, at least not at this point in my life, although I will always write. It’s what I do. By the way, my blog should not be any indication of my writing style! Lol! So what I am trying to say is that my spare time is being pulled yet another direction, as I am doing a ton of independent studying right now. I am not planning on quitting knitting or blogging, but my progress and posts probably won’t likely be as often as I’d like. Who knows. Maybe I will surprise myself!
Now since today is Saturday, I am going to spend most of the day laying around knitting, so I better get to it!


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To the edge of the world, er, sweater

Since I have become a stay at home mom, I believe I sleep even less than when I worked. This is because I have about a billion things that I want to accomplish. Unfortunately, as with knitting projects, I tend to be fairly monogamous in life projects. So I haven’t been focusing on knitting like I would like to and I haven’t been spinning at all lately. I have gotten a start on some of the designs that I want to complete, but last week I had a booth with Thirty-One to work at an event so I spent most of the week preparing for that. Now that the event is over and I am finally able to settle back into my routine a bit, I can focus back on my passion a little more. My husband has to be out of town for his job tonight and had to leave super early this morning so I was limited in what I could do without waking him. I ended up laying in bed with the earbuds in watching a few YouTube videos from Knitpicks on finishing a sweater and I think I finally decided that I want to do an attached icord edge on my sweater. I think. I also really like the picot edging that they show in the same series, but I’m not sure how I would do that with the v neck so if I can’t figure it out, then I will be going with the attached icord.
Watching the KP videos has made me really want to do a nice sweater with color work but because it is finally starting to act like spring here in NW Arkansas, I think I will stick to my Queen Anne’s Lace shawl for now. I really love the pattern. It is both beautiful and fun to knit. I wish I could take an in progress picture but it looks like a big blob because I can’t spread it out on the needles enough. Soon enough it will be finished and I will be able to take lots of pictures of it.
As much as I love the pattern for the Queen Anne’s Lace, I have decided that I need to do some of my own designs. I really want to do a book or 30 of my own designs. I have a ton of ideas in my head and I want to do something with them. Even if I never publish them, I want to make them. I have never done anything like this before so it is all new to me. I am really excited to do it and if anyone has any tips or tricks, all advice is welcome!


Sidelines Top finished! Almost.

I almost completed the Sidelines Top. By almost I mean that all of the pieces are knit, everything is seamed, and all ends woven. It is 99% done. All that is left is the edgings. The pattern calls for a reverse single crochet edging around the arms, neckline, and bottom edge. I don’t like it. I think it looks sloppy but it needs something to keep the edges from rolling because of the stockinette stitch. Also the neckline is just a tad wide for me and I was hoping that the edging would make up for the wide neck. Reverse single crochet does not do that for me. Seeing as how it is now warming up and I won’t have a whole lot of opportunity to wear the sweater this year so I am calling it good enough for now. I am on the lookout for a different edging, but I am not going to put a lot of time into it for now.
Since I have one project done (for now) I am going to start working on my Queen Anne’s lace shawl again. I have missed lace. Hmm… Maybe I should do a lace edging on the sweater… Anyway I pulled out my pattern again this evening and I will be working on it soon.
I also have decided that I need to have my wheel back with me. I’ve missed it. I don’t have a whole lot of time for spinning, but now that I am a Domestic Goddess, I have the ability to make time. I am going to have to clear a spot in the closet for toddler safe storage, but I need it with me.
It just occurred to me that in the last year, I have only completed something like three or four projects. I don’t like that. I plan on doing more knitting this year. It’s my passion and I should make more time for it. So hopefully I will have more to blog about in the near future! For now I have an almost finished picture!


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Sneak peek!

Just a quick update on the Sidelines Top. All the main pieces are finished and the shoulders are seamed. Some sweet little boy didn’t want to let mommy seam by herself, so the rest will have to wait until nap time before I put the sleeves in and then finish seaming and then crochet (eek!) the edging. I will post another picture after it is done and blocked, but for now here is a shoulder seam going in.



Sidelines top update

I am almost done with my Sidelines top. I finished the front and one sleeve in the last week and cast on the final sleeve. All I will have left is to seam it! I was hoping to have it done before today but I haven’t done as much knitting as I should be. But I am now officially a stay at home mom so now maybe I can have a tiny bit more time to knit. I got my knitting out during naptime yesterday but Pinterest sucked me in. I was looking for foods that I could send with DH that don’t need to be heated or refrigerated, so I wasn’t just wasting time. Today’s naptime will be spent knitting after my shower. Here is what I have so far of the sidelines. Because of the shaping and all the stockinette, it looks horribly misshapen, but one it is seamed and I do the edging, it will look good it think.