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A slice of Citron

I am very happy with the decision to knit the Citron instead of the Nutkins. The pattern is the right amount of simple and complex so I don’t get bored and I’m not having to pay so much attention all the time that I can’t do other things at the same time. It’s coming along nicely but I haven’t had a lot of time to knit since I cast on. Here is what I have so far!



Sewing, knitting, and spinning, oh my!

Ok, maybe not so much crochet, but I do have some knitting and sewing projects in the works.
I really wanted to have my Queen Anne’s Lace shawl finished before our next knit night, but I don’t see that happening. I haven’t been making enough time to knit on lace lately. Despite the fact that I feel as though this is an easy lace pattern, it just requires more attention than I have been able to devote to it during the day. Since I can’t give it my undivided attention all the time, I decided to work on some other things for a while so I went to my storage unit the other day to pick up some fiber and yarn. I found 2 nice skeins of sock yarn hanging out in there so I decided a nice, simple pair of socks were the right project to cast on for when Jonathan is playing by himself. Unfortunately I realized that I didn’t have circular needles in a good size for sock knitting. I did find a set of US #3 DPNs. Let me tell you, I hate DPNs. So far, I have 4 inches of one sock done and have had two incidents of needles coming out of my knitting. Luckily for the DPNs, I enjoy fixing issues in my knitting. One time was my fault. I thought I was grabbing the free needle out if my bag and it wasn’t. The second time, I left my knitting alone for a minute to run in the other room and my sweet, adorable, darling, precious, cute toddler, decided to “knit”. Yup. Thankfully I like my little fella and I was able to pick everything back up. Only a couple of stitches dropped down a few rows so it wasn’t a big problem. Note to self, pick up some new circs in smaller sizes in the not too distant future. So now I have some “social” knitting and lace. I won’t finish my spiral shawl by next knit night, but it won’t be too far off.
I said I had to pick up my fiber as well because I have been super fired up about spinning the last week or two. I have finished 2 bobbins of the peacock fiber that I died that I now look at and think Mardi Gras. I still don’t know how I am going to ply it yet, but I will work on it on Thursday while I watch the series finale of The Office. I am seriously thinking about spinning up another color and plying them together, but I’m going to do some playing with it. One of my sweet friends who also spins and knits let me borrow a book/DVD that I have been wanting to watch, Spin Art by Jacey Boggs. It is amazing. It made me realize some things that I haven’t really figured out yet in spinning. I don’t claim to an advanced spinner, but I do feel comfortable in front of a wheel. The techniques in this book are not beginner techniques but I think I could pull them off with enough practice. In the first few minutes of the video, I realized how very limited my spinning really is. I simply do what works for me. I don’t know very well how to manipulate what I am making. I don’t really know how to spin with the final product in mind. This is a spinning goal I have. I want to upgrade my skills and be able to make just about any kind of yarn I want. I mean that should be what I am doing. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this. So I am going to be trying out some new techniques and really start learning the craft. I feel as though I am close, I just don’t know everything that I need to know yet. I want to be able to confidently spin beautiful yarns, including texture yarns. Lots of practice will be happening over the next few weeks.
Speaking of brushing up on skills, I have decided to do some small sewing projects and really work on my sewing skills. I am making a small pillow for my son. He loves laying his head on blankets and stuff and honestly since he is only 19 months old, it makes me a little nervous still so I decided to make a real light pillow for him and start to transition his room from baby mismatched stuff to a big boy pirate room. I’m not doing it all at once, but a little here and there. The pillow is the fist step. Also I might make me a little bag out of it.


knitting · WIP

Sneak peek!

Just a quick update on the Sidelines Top. All the main pieces are finished and the shoulders are seamed. Some sweet little boy didn’t want to let mommy seam by herself, so the rest will have to wait until nap time before I put the sleeves in and then finish seaming and then crochet (eek!) the edging. I will post another picture after it is done and blocked, but for now here is a shoulder seam going in.



Sidelines top update

I am almost done with my Sidelines top. I finished the front and one sleeve in the last week and cast on the final sleeve. All I will have left is to seam it! I was hoping to have it done before today but I haven’t done as much knitting as I should be. But I am now officially a stay at home mom so now maybe I can have a tiny bit more time to knit. I got my knitting out during naptime yesterday but Pinterest sucked me in. I was looking for foods that I could send with DH that don’t need to be heated or refrigerated, so I wasn’t just wasting time. Today’s naptime will be spent knitting after my shower. Here is what I have so far of the sidelines. Because of the shaping and all the stockinette, it looks horribly misshapen, but one it is seamed and I do the edging, it will look good it think.


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Fiber Christmas in July

Well I haven’t had a whole lot of spare time to blog lately. I suppose that is what happens when you have a 9 month old who won’t sit still for 2 seconds. I have gotten quite a bit of knitting done lately though, at least considering I have a full time job and have  a sweet baby boy. I have no finished objects to show for my knitting, but I hope to have some soon. I’ll get to that in a bit. First a recap of my weekend.

I got to spend the weekend in the Tulsa area with two wonderful ladies. My best friend Jessica and our dear knitting buddy Cassie. Bethany was supposed to join the group as well, but she was sick so we missed out on her company. After a slow start (My alarm didn’t go off) we made our way to Kellyville, OK to the Fiber Christmas in July. This was my first event of this size and I had a blast. We started out at fiber festival and made a big loop around just window shopping then we headed over to Loops South for some more shopping. We each made some purchases at Loops, I believe each of us a sweaters worth of yarn, and then headed back to Kellyville to make fiber purchases. I have to say that we did so well. We decided ahead of time what it was that we wanted to buy and didn’t really need to buy. We made a full loop around the festival before making any purchases (well except for Cassie, but in her defense we were almost all the way around and it was a deal that was too awesome to pass up) and really stuck with what we needed rather than going totally crazy buying everything we petted. I wish I could have bought more, but I am so thankful for what I did get to buy. I will post pictures later, but I bought 16 oz of BFL, 8 oz of polwarth, 1 gorgeous batt and a bit of sparkles by Dawning Dreams, and 2 oz of charcoal bamboo/sparkle thanks to Cassie. Not a bad day if you ask me. So after all of the fibery goodness, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to the hotel to get comfy and knit for the evening. We went downstairs and hung out in some big comfy chairs and knitted while watching the Olympics and Ghost. Perfect kind of evening. Oh and we taught a little girl how to knit. She walked by from the pool and told her mom that she had been wanting to learn. We told her to come on and learn and they came back with yarn and crochet hooks. Well we improvised on some needles for her and taught her and her mom to knit. Both picked it up pretty fast. I hope they keep it up. Sunday we knitted a bit after breakfast, went to see What to Expect, and then headed to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Oddly we didn’t eat any cheesecake. A quick stop in at Babies R Us and Jo-Anns and we headed home.

After a weekend like that, I have to say I have some of the greatest friends ever. Some days I feel so lonely but then I look and see the wonderful ladies that are in my life and I am so thankful for them.

While on the trip I had a goal of finishing chart one of the Queen Anne’s Lace shawl and I actually achieved this goal! Let me back up. I had some issues with the shawl before and since I was too good for a lifeline, or so I apparently thought, I ended up ripping the entire thing out and restarted it a little over a week ago, I think it was. I have mostly been knitting on it during breaks at work, but the first chart is now done! I have been running lifelines every couple of rows because I am playing it safe this time around!

My treat for being so good and actually finishing the first chart was to cast on the Sidelines Top from the Fall 2008 Interweave Knits magazine. I originally bought the yarn to knit the Dahlia sweater, but when I was looking for my pattern, I came across Sidelines and realized that was what this yarn was meant to be. I have about 2.5 inches of the back knitted so far. I am excited.

I will post pictures of all my loot and maybe some in progress shots in a couple of days. I am so sleepy so I guess it is bedtime!


Out of time out

So I pulled my Queen Anne’s Lace shawl (spiral shawl) out of time out today. I am having to tink back like 3 rows to try to figure out what I have done wrong. I think I lost a couple of stitches but 3 rows back should take care of that if I am super careful. It is all because of YOs that I am confused on it. I got about 1 row tinked before babyman woke up from his nap so I still have a ways to go, but hopefully I will have a little while to work on it tomorrow. I am getting a little nervous on the amount of yarn that I have for this project though. I don’t know if I have any other yarn in this color way in my stash. I really hope so, but if not I may change to a different shade. It is a circular shawl and I am doing it in dark purple so if it looks like I won’t have enough yarn, I may switch to a pale purple on the outside. I haven’t decided yet though. I may just fork over the money to buy another skein. It isn’t like it is an expensive yarn, but I do worry that the dye lot won’t match.

Side note: the title of this makes me want to listen to some Percy Sledge. Out of Left Field. I may have to go listen to that before bed. 🙂 I love Percy Sledge.  If you don’t know who Percy Sledge is, think When a Man Loves a Woman. Wonderful artist. And if you don’t know the song Out of Left Field, listen to it. and think Out of Time Out. It is dumb, I know, but then I am a little dumb sometimes.


February Shawl and more

My computer is skipping letters when I type so I apologize for any typos in this.

I am needing to start on this February shawl. I thought I had t picked out but I just don’t know about the pattern that I have chosen. I was going to do the Cotton Bam Boo Kudzu, but I don’t really have the yarn for it. So I was looking through and found Queen Anne’s Lace pattern and I liked it. It is a spiral shawl. I like the way it looks, but I am having some trouble getting it started. Every time I try, it looks funny. *sigh* Debating starting something different but I don’t know. I may try again here shortly. Actually I probably won’t have time tonight, but I will try anyway.

I miss knitting. I haven’t had much time to knit lately since I have a sweet baby boy. Mostly I don’t have anything I am working on and I haven’t had the time or yarn to start much new. And I haven’t been able to go to knitting group lately. My dear Aunt Debbie passed away last month. We had family in town for the funeral so I missed knitting that day and then Jonathan was sick plus no gas the following knit night. I miss Aunt Debbie. And I miss knit night. Is it Thursday yet? That is our next knit night. I am ready, but I need to get something on my needles now!

My son is now 4 months old and weighed 13 lbs 10 oz on Monday. I can’t believe he is so big. We had the most perfect schedule going. I was working 6-noon,Tuesday -Friday, but now I am back on regular hours. I am so sad. I miss Jonathan so so much. I feel like we are missing out on his life completely. I am glad that he has a sitter than cares for him and all but I can’t get over the fact that I feel horrible leaving him. I don’t have a choice in this matter though. I wish did. I like my job, but I love my son. I did consider for a half second, leaving my current company for something different, but I realized that it wouldn’t be solving any time issues and I don’t see leaving a job that I like for something that I may not like unless it meant getting to raise my baby.

I have been going to the gym lately, though not as often as I would like. We have been low on gas all week so I haven’t been able to go the last several days. I want to go tomorrow, but it is supposed to snow so I am not sure that I will make time to go with snow. I will probably wait until Tuesday to go. I want to run a 5K. I don’t know when, but I want to do it.

I am on a thing right now. I feel like I never complete anything. Like I let my fears control me and quite frankly I am tired of being ruled by fear. I am afraid of failing, so most of the time,  don’t start things that I want to, and the things I do start, I am too afraid to continue on with. So I usually quit what I am doing. Knitting is the only thing I have not given up, though I do let my fears intimidate me with it from time to time. So I want to write a book. I don’t care if this book sucks, I still want to write it. I have some ideas (who knows maybe I will write more than one) and I want to put them down on paper. Starting is intimidating. but I am not going to let my fears keep me from accomplishing this. School is still not going to happen for me. At least not now. It is something else that I have let fear keep me from. If I am ever able to afford it again, no more scaredy cat for me, but if I can’t pay for it, then it does me no good being brave!

2012 has not been very kind so far but I am determined to turn it back around.